Monday, October 16, 2006

Weekend update

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Thanks for the pix, Beth!

Ha! Leah threw a surprise party for me last night... fun fun fun... it was all girls at La Madeleine... And of course I wore a tiara and a boa... It was hilariously fun. And then I took my new gift cards for a test drive at Borders... YAY! And yes, I was surprised.

Updates... on my date Friday (oh solo mio) I did as planned, went to babies R Us... half price, salvation army. Fun was had by all and 11 dollars spent on an armload of books... such a happy feeling. I can't wait till I get bookshelves here and just get to gaze at all my new purchases in a row. Salvation Army stinks. Literally and the prices. I have heard tell from the resale queen (mama) that the Woodlands actually has some good stuff, so I will be checking out Upscale Resale, and of course, Rags to Riches.

R2 had his first soccer "practice" on Saturday. It was very very cute.... pix later. We are going to have to work on his volunteer though.. she's pretty low key and he just hangs with her... I want him to try new stuff.

Mommy meeting today. And glorious rain.

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