Monday, October 23, 2006


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Top o the Mundee to ya...
Thinking a little last night about "worst case scenario". What a load of bunk.
People never say the real worst case scenario.
"Worst case, you have to go next door and borrow some flour..." or something. I just can't say it. I know the worst case scenario is a wolf breaks down the back door and eats the family, then knocks something over and burns the house down. Now that's a worse case.
I mean, there is some seriously bad stuff that could happen... meteors, galactic realignments... nuclear explosions. Not to mention your basic natural disasters... tornadoes and such. Or getting burnt up by the sun. Or what if you are getting gas in your car, and you are talking on your cell phone because that is a MYTH, and it's not a myth and you blow up the whole gas station while you're on hold with the dentist? What if you're walking, and your kidneys explode? Tell me that.

So look on the bright side, folks. It could definitely get worse.

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