Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Movie review, solemn warning...

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Last night, on my date... I went to the library... alone.
Then I went to see Facing the Giants. I gotta tell you, in the interest of full disclosure... I was expecting a stinker.
(shocked expressions all around) Well, come on! When is the last time you saw a Christian movie that didn't make you kinda cringe inside? The writing, the acting... the computer animated Lake of Fire complete with cartoony devil type character.... If you are feeling stunned and thinking about how much you LOVED Megiddo, I'm sorry. I got nothing for you here.

But anyhoo, it was not a stinker. It was good. True, there were moments of questionable acting.. plenty of them. But hey, Flicka, you know? I mean, questionable acting is by no means only a Christian street...
But several times, the movie really got my heart. I cried. And I don't cry much. Pretty much anytime I cry, I report it here on the blog. That kinda thing.
But these guys (Baptists) raised 100,000 bucks from their church to shoot this movie with an all-volunteer cast. And it is pretty good. Definitely worth supporting.

In other news, for the first time in a long long time, I have a bathroom in my bedroom. Very handy for the 5 million trips a night (pregnant)... However, not turning the light on at night has re-surfaced one of my great fears... brought to my attention by Dave Barry.... squirrels in the toilet. I kid you not, I think about it every time. You must read. Squirrel in the toilet...

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