Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Athlete

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I have to scan in Richy's basketball picture.. so cute. His final
"game" was Saturday. They had moonwalks and giant beach balls and in
general, managed chaos.
All of the kids have had a Buddy through the season that works
specifically with them....Richy's buddy was late so he got to hang
out with a few random ladies and charm them. He was so excited about
all the party stuff. He was jumping and laughing and having a blast.
It was a blast just watching him. He got a certificate and a few
prizes... he didn't seem excited about it until we got home and I
explained what his certificate said. "Good job, Richy, playing
basketball!" (so it was a paraphrase)
Now he is so proud of that paper. I'm going to have to frame it and
put it up in his room.

On to the next sport.... SOCCER... starts this Saturday. How cute is
he going to be in his soccer uniform... This one is pretty exciting
because actual soccer players are involved with the kids... fun fun fun.
I think I'll just put the baby poll up tomorrow since my appointment
is not until 3 anyway. You- shall have to wait.

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