Friday, October 6, 2006

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Just rolling right along here... funny how fast a pregnancy goes when you are too busy to think about it. I am definitely feeling better... usually feel sick after I eat for a while...
I have a belly but I have gained no weight. I guess it's because I am still nursing Tobias. Emotionally... I am starting to "get" this baby... and I am thinking it is a girl.
Disclaimer: I was so sure Toby was a girl I already bought pink shoes by this point. I was wrong. Hard to trust a feeling after that. Nonetheless, I think this baby is a girl.
Richy and the team led worship at a conference in MD last night, then drove to DC to stand on the Supreme Court steps with the Cause guys... no update yet. I imagine they are a) leading worship or b) sleeping. I plan on calling him in a minute.

I am not lonely or forlorn. I miss my man, sure. But man.... solitude is my bag sometimes. Both kids are sleeping now... it's quiet and just so nice.

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