Friday, October 20, 2006

Movie review and such

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Well, I didn't review this last week... in case anybody hadn't seen
it yet.
One Night With the King: 2 stars. For costumes.
Really. The costumes were beautiful.
If you haven't read Hadassah, Tommy Tenney's book... you should. It
was great. The movie is pretty weak in comparison.

The thing is, it's this gorgeous, epic story. Esther is, I mean. It's
funny and suspenseful and tragic and redemptive. I could make a kick-
butt script just from the Bible. But they had all this politics and
history they were trying to teach during the movie and somehow, you
can just never connect. It wasn't AWFUL. It was just disappointing
because there was so much to work with. Do you know what I mean?

I mean gee whiz. I want to be madly in love with this king. He's a
bad boy... He's executing people and has concubines and wild parties
and banishes queens... he's rough. And there's this gorgeous innocent
and he is just blown away by her... and they are so in love that he
loses his pride and is willing to give anything for her. Good stuff.

But nope. It feels like Sci-fi.

BTW: I am 13 weeks today. Again. Second trimester. Next week, I will
be further along than what I thought I was before I got demoted last

Oh, and you are totally welcome to disagree with me and my movie
review. I don't care. Just, this is my blog so I get the front page

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