Saturday, July 15, 2006

Friday night, Chapter 14

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In which, Jessica decides that she will go screaming out of her mind
if she doesn't get out of the house, but Richy doesn't listen so she
has to force him to call his mom, who then watches the children and
Richy and Jessica go to Cracker Barrel and have some comfort food,
and then Daniel joins them. And then Toby HATES this new bottle so
Richy and Jessica and Daniel then go to Eva's and Jessica feeds Toby
until he is stuffed. And Richy and Jessica and Daniel go bowling,
starting at nearly 11 pm. And in which, Jessica bowls a 45 game and
has her first ever dragging toilet paper out of the b.r. on her shoe,
which causes great mirth with a few country girls who have had a bit
of cough syrup, if you know what I mean. And in which Daniel (wyld
stalyn) and Richy (Hevy Metl) have great fun bowling and Jess (40
bowl) has fun hanging out and then in which we go get our children
and go home. And Jessica takes a shower because she smells like a bar.

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