Monday, July 17, 2006


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You will be having a SPECIAL GUEST BLOGGER this morning....

Jessica is fasting the internet until Tuesday night, please welcome your guest blogger.

I have been in every war since I was old enough to hold a weapon, that's right sissies, vietnam, gulf war, Beirut, and now Iraq. I hate commies and I wish I could just blow them all off the map. I have a home in downtown Detroit where I haven't been in 4 years cause I have been defending your right to work and live and breathe the great air of the American nation. If you want to see me, you won't! Because I am behind every tree and sitting on every roof that you people take for granted. Don't look for me, if you are a left-winged, Clinton loving, foxnews hating, commie, I will find you, be afraid, I tell you, be much afraid.

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