Thursday, July 27, 2006

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Yesterday Andrea Yates was found not guilty by reason of insanity.
I have just been trying to process what I think of that.
I think she was insane. It was a horrible evil thing to do... demonic.
So she's going to get out of prison.... crazy. I wonder if there is any person who killed 5 adults deliberately and is walking the streets... maybe this is different somehow because she was suffering from PostPartum Psychosis... like, she isn't a threat to the general population. She will probably spend most of her life in a mental institution.
Really, though. Can you imagine what has to be going on in her mind? What could be more horrible, more torturous than knowing you killed your children.... grieving the loss... and knowing YOU did it. She will be in prison whether or not she is incarcerated... hell on earth.
And her (ex) husband... all along has said he supports her, she was a good wife, etc. I don't get this. If he wants to say, she was a good wife up until the day she KILLED our children, then, maybe. But why this unwavering support? He should be outraged... you know?

Anyway, it's pretty easy to have an opinion about something.

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