Saturday, July 29, 2006

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You know, the whole Andrea Yates thing is a hot topic... people cannot really be passive about it.
Look at your perspective, it will color your opinion. As a planning to be homeschooling hopefully mother of many, it does bother me when that is the "reason" for her insanity. Of course there are always spiritual things involved... and the tragedy of the lives lost is so horrific.
Here on my blog, I usually keep things light. I have grieved for so long that I wanted a place to laugh.
Now, I am starting to watch and think and reason again. So sometimes I will open topics like this, and welcome the debate. I am not threatened by opinions. Have at 'em. If I feel like a comment is inappropriate, I will delete it. I have deleted comments maybe 3 times in my year here.

I don't expect everyone to be perfect in here. That would be pretty boring. So, yeah, I feel this way and you feel that way. The fact is, it's all opinion. None of us were there, none of us know what went down. So it's speculation based on media reports. God help us. :)

I love all the bloggerati. Blog on.

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