Tuesday, July 18, 2006

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Morning troops!
We are moving out ! After my 5 cups of coffee I am ready for action. Orders have come down from the Big W himself for all of you sleeping bag warriors! Today, we are going to conquer the world! Kiss the world goodbye as you have known it, because it will never be the same. We, yes, we, will have terminated the lives of the maggots of the world.

KTW- You get to assasinate Bin Laden, He is in a starbucks in Cincinatti

Josharoo- the big W wants you to bring peace to the middle east. W has great faith in you. He has assured me that this is not a mission to big for your talents. Take lots of donuts

Mamapc- Your mission is to destroy all of the of the 70's series MASH
The big W hates that show

Jennifer- Your orders are to end world air pollution. W has set you an appointment with Eureka

Betheroni- W wants you at the ranch in Crawford, teaching his dog Barney to obey.

Arberto- Sinking russian tankers. No task too large, use your facilities at work.

Jessica- Stop global warming, after your fasting is over

Big Daddy- Drill large holes in alaska and get the oil flowing back to the Motherland. Suggested- use lots of pvc

Post your results here on the blog. Remember, your Country is counting on you. We must have finished all of the orders by 5 pm tomorrow. You can do it, you are the proud, the few, the marines.

Anybody else that shows up after being AWOL
Write me at exterminator_terminator@yahoo.com I will give you secret orders from there. Except Georgia, forget it, Hmmm, need to look up her dossier, related to Mike League, eh?

PS- still looking for a few good men -marines.gov

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