Monday, July 10, 2006


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So here we are, Monday.
100 posts already downstairs... a minimum of controversy re: PC's.
Current status:
6 month old asleep in swing. Head is at funny angle but will be
untouched due to parental unwillingness to interrupt nap.
7 year old in chair watching Chicken Run. Appropriate amount of arm
flapping, mouth agape. Ocassional breaks to visit the PBJ buffet on
27 year old in room with 7 year old and MonsterAwesomeComputer.
Raising ruckus on crunchy organic mom message board and elswhere.
28 year old is not visible. Probably mixing a Tennessean's CD very
loudly and praying or something.
Cat unseen. Possibly waiting for 27 year old foot to descend from
perch for attack.

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