Tuesday, August 26, 2008

So I have done a lot of paperwork for the whole school thing, and now I'm waiting for someone to call me. I hate waiting, and I especially hate the phone.
Toby and Bean are pretty much keeping the crazy train rolling all the time around here. I just intercepted the ceremonial eating of the diaper cream. This is not the first time. I wonder what it tastes like?

The current "Hill to Die On" is the phone. We recently plugged in our landline to receive local calls... and pushing the buttons is like Disneyland. Which erases the incoming message, changes the language to French, calls Japan, etc. Which, you know, whatever. I let them take off all the couch cushions, pull out all the blankets, take out all the tupperware and play drums. But this one thing they are barred from. I am going to win this one... someday.

I need some lunch and a nap. I am decidely grumpy today.


  1. Wow.......every one is busy with back to school and newborn babies and being pregnant.........


  2. and Frist b4 sunrise and after midnight......


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