Tuesday, August 12, 2008

roundup Texas style

So. Time to dish.

dishes... food...mmmmm, food. Anyways, back to my blog.

We left for Texas Thursday morning. We planned on leaving by 7:30 and got on the road by 9. Cest la vie with 3 little kids... and a Daddy that can walk in circles for 15 minutes before he remembers what he needed in that circle. Took approximately 15 hours to get to Texas, and quite a few animal crackers. I was a little crackers myself there by the end.

Friday, we set up and practiced a little with le band. Saturday, we practiced all day and led a service that night. It was a BLAST. I love me some music with my radiants. Sunday marnin the MOG preached at CTK and then I FINALLY got some fajitas. Then we took band pictures for 7000 hours. Oh, and it was my anniversary. 12 years- yay us! Monday morning we left around 9 and arrived around 11:30 pm here in KC.
6:30 am we arrived at the hospital for R2's ocular prosthetic fitting, under general anesthesia. I'm hoping to schedule in some time for sleep before we fly to DC Thursday morning, but who knows?


  1. 1rst.
    Look at that picture...Daniel is sick of Richy!

  2. Jeg er i Kansas City jagter Angels. Tre af de cutest dem. Jeg er hunkering i og gøre mig selv derhjemme og nyder ilden ud af denne rejse.

    I am in Kansas City chasing Angels. Three of the cutest ones. I am hunkering in and making myself at home and enjoying the fire out of this trip.


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