Thursday, August 28, 2008

bullets of clarkdom

So, since you are all dying to know what is going on in my life, I will tell you.

• Larry the odd-job handyman and lawn-guy appears to have stolen our lawnmower. We let him borrow it on Tuesday to mow a neighbor's yard.

The perp

• R2 will begin school on Tuesday. But really, he's just going for an hour so they can observe him in a "normal" class and then say on their paperwork that he needs to be in "Exceptional Education" classes instead. He will be wearing a uniform, and he will be an adorable little special needs college professor.

• Today, R2 got his scleral conformer. This is the clear plastic shell that eventually will be painted to be his artificial eye. He'll have this clear conformer for a few weeks, which gets his eye ready for more permanent shell, and stretches his eyelid a little.

So for a few weeks, his eye actually looks worse, because all the scarring and buildup on his bad eye shows through. The long-term shell will look exactly like his good eye, though. He had the impression made on August 14th, and then they built this shell based on the shape of his shrunken eyeball.
I can already tell it's going to be really cool. He seems a little annoyed by it, and gave me the All-done sign, but he doesn't seem to have any pain.

• That is all.


  1. WOW.......It looks good already to me....must be a great picture......


    did Larry take the grass catching bag too when he borrowed it....?

    Because....based on the picture.....he prefers to mow and allow the grass to be dispersed freely ....

    If he did borrow the grass catcher also......was this premeditated lawnmower kidnapping---I ask U?

  2. He did not take the grass catcher.. I assume there is some large story... or some pressing need, that resulted in him selling it... lending it... using it... stealing it? hum... IF I only had Bill Richards with me we'd go over to his house right now... I think I know where he lives!

  3. or N8. I was wishing he was still here to stand behind you and look intimidating.

  4. Now you finally have it Richard!

    A good excuse for letting your grass grow.....

  5. Obama is going to fix everything, y'all. Just rest easy.

  6. Obama is going to get our lawnmower back.

  7. Obama - oi! since when is it the place of our government to make us "morally responsible" for one another.... and if his government is going to be so morally responsible, how does partial-birth abortion fit into that picture? Its not very morally responsible for the baby??!!!
    I couldn't even watch the whole thing I was getting so annoyed by him and his platitudes... Yes I could hear things I wanted to hear, but as I was hearing them all I could hear was the ch-ching of him spending more of my tax dollars, rather than letting me give them to the charities I know will spend them the way I want them spent!!!

    and now I'm posting as an anonomi because it keeps saying my password is wrong.... UGH! Sometimes technology makes my faith have to work more....
    ~ misskerri

  8. sometimes when it says my password is is actually cuz i made a typo in my display name...

    sometimes BLOG just has a bad day and decides to be finicky.

  9. I always knew you can't trust guys named Larry.

    Richy- What's up? I don't get a mention in guys that could help you get the mower back?

  10. I just saw an article with pictures of I-45 Notrh at 1960 and it was bumper to bumper with people fleeing Gustav. No one is taking chances this time. New Orleans is getting out too.

    Conroe peeps- I-45 still packed?


    one or all of them might help......all they have to do is stand behind you and cross their arms.and stare..any one of these guys....

  12. Richy- putting your finger under your shirt and saying you have a gun always works for me... try it out with Larry.

  13. cut n shoot traffic is problem here

  14. VKG doesn't even beleive in me.


  15. Oh, Josh. Of course you're a big strong guy, it's just you're so far away, that's all.

    In other news, McCain has picked a VP, Sarah Palin wikipedia about her... she sounds pretty good

  16. "Sarah and her father would sometimes wake at 3 a.m. to hunt moose before school"

    How cool would that be?

  17. I think McCain choosing a woman was wise..and from the little I have heard....she sounds like the right choice.

  18. I wanted to steal your lawnmower too. Mike talked me out of it.-G
    You lent it to us once and I was not sure you would really need it in KC. Doesn't it snow all year? Who wants to mow the snow?

  19. Josh, just left 1960 and 45 at 8:30 this morning, going back to the woodlands, nothing other than normal. Maybe it will be bad this afternoon when I go back there to pick Layla up from work.-G

  20. Josh, I don't think anyone is fleeing the hurricane yet. Nothing on local news. Traffic is bad because it is friday and a holiday weekend. Always gets nasty. They are probably hyping it up as hurricane stuff but who knows. I did just go to walmart and they are nearly out of water already.

  21. Everyone likes to panic now adays. I tell you what, after the hell we went through trying to leave when Rita came, I won't leave again unless it is like the storm of the century barrelling down right towards The Woodlands.

  22. G dad has been trying to reach you. Did he find you yet? If not you should call him.

  23. Also G, Matt just told me he wanted to get ahold of Mike and tell him we are playing tonight at the house of prayer. We are covering for Keith he is out of town. We are playing at 8pm. Do you think he might want to play?

  24. I appologize for using the blog as my personal message board, but Georgia is hard woman to get ahold of!

  25. yeah, the hurricane's still days and days away, if it even comes here. the weather people are saying to stay put right now.

    i'm not going anywhere, unless God or my husband makes me.

  26. They probably were hyping it up when it was just normal traffic.


  27. I'm predicting Gustav or whatever will take a ride right up I-45. Hum I wonder what Isaiah 45 is...

    Isaiah 45:1 ...To open before him the double doors,
    So that the gates will not be shut:
    2 “I will go before you
    And make the crooked places straight;
    I will break in pieces the gates of bronze
    And cut the bars of iron.
    3 I will give you the treasures of darkness
    And hidden riches of secret places,
    That you may know that I, the LORD,
    Who call you by your name,
    Am the God of Israel.
    OH and verse 8 is good too!
    8 “Rain down, you heavens, from above,
    And let the skies pour down righteousness;
    Let the earth open, let them bring forth salvation, And let righteousness spring up together.
    I, the LORD, have created it.

    The WHOLE CHAPTER is good... but you could pray, if it happens, "Rain Down You heavens release righteousness and salvation!"

    GUSTAV means "Staff Of The Gods" so hand of God, or "ordered of the Lord." Wow, you could take some good prophetic stuff, if this thing rides I-45!

    So this is not a prophesy, just a personal prediction. It would be fun to claim over the Houston / Conroe area! - Richy


    OMG......there is my drama for the day.!

    I was actually my mind anyway...

    O M G......

    that would be kinda kool......but too close so NO THANK YOU>>>>>>


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