Wednesday, August 13, 2008

leaving on a jet plane

I’m writing this on Wednesday night... we will have internet via the iPhone all weekend, but I doubt I’ll have much time to blog, not to mention typing on the iPhone is obnoxious. Now, before you get all snippy and “Oh, look at the Apple product that’s no good...”
imagine typing a blog on a TEXT MESSAGE. How annoying would that be, I ask you?

Anyways. It’s pretty insane what we are getting the opportunity to do. It’s an honor to be invited, and we are well aware that it’s God’s day...

If you haven’t caught the instructions over the last few weeks, I’ll recap a little now.

The Call is a massive gathering of people for 12 hours of fasting, prayer and worship. The first and largest call was in DC in 2000, with over 400,000 people on the Mall. Since then there have been Call events all over the world, and about 10 here in the States. Radiant has made it our aim to attend as many as possible, since we know mass fasting and prayer is an effective means of seeing our country changed by the love of God. We’ve attended a lot, and played in LA, Dallas, Nashville, and Las Vegas. We are the first band during the televised event, although another band will begin the day before the “starting gun”... If you are watching via GodTV, we’ll be on at 10/9 CST.

Here’s the dealio with GodTV. In the States, you can get it if you have DirecTV, or online. In the UK, it’s on regular TV. If you’re planning on participating via the interwebs, you have to register for GodTV. It’s free, and easy.

Or, if you live in Conroe, you can drive over to Christ the King Church on Airport Road (our home church) and watch on the big screen with the congregation, who will be joining us in prayer.

After Saturday, I’ll be giving you the recap and then I’ll cease the Call-talk for a few months... until October when we start gearing up for the Call California November 1st!

It’s a fine line I’m walking here. On one hand I am so stoked and out of my mind excited to just get to be a part of something so huge. The other, more spiritual part of me recognizes the extreme importance and gravity of the day, and keeps spazzy-me in check.

But butterflies, absolutely. Holy moly.


  1. Man o man....even getting these yungins up at the crack of dawn......they are still so good....Even the long as he is allowed to tear up the linen closet... the bathroom towel closet.....and dismantle the couch....and look in the mirror as he does all of these things....HE IS FINE........


    I love my babies.....all 10,000 of them.

  2. I especially love them right this minute....

    Brynn and Tobe sleeping and pretending to sleep, ..R2 waiting patiently for me to start our movie...

    Bruce almighty or something like that....with the guy from OFFICE

    Everyone is at the CALL or on the way to the CALL or praying and fasting for the NATION

    so....I am alone.....on the BLOG.....holding down the fort......woe is me....

  3. How about we drop Ketih off to you and go to the Call?

  4. have arrived in DC stop very tired and hungry stop send cash

  5. O yea....what's one more....

    as long as he likes to pretend to swim in sheets....we're kool!

  6. josh dont b sad about work
    its a blessing
    you got a job
    woo hoo
    god is good

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  8. I pulled out the one and only Dijorno rising crust Pizza so that I could bake it to perfection....

    4 minutes before it is done, I turn the oven off so I can prepare the children for this fantastic feast.....

    The good stuff....

    When I go to get the Pizza out of the is burnt....

    I turned the oven on BROIL not OFF.....o no.........

    Because this is a lazy day, I decide to see if I can salvage any of it.....

    So I cool the pizza and cut it and scrap off all the burned black toppings, keeping the dark brown almost ok ones, and the kids and I eat.

    Everyone WAS excited and looking forward to PIZZA.

    When I brought it out and presented it to them, they all three just stare at it.....

    so I take a bite and show them how good it is.....
    it is NOT what it should be BUT it is still better than Totinos....."Yum"..

    Toby liked the crust...that was under the topping anyway.....R2 and Brynn liked the dark brown Pepperonis and the they ate and all was good.....or almost anyway.

    They ate until they were full....

    To make up for this experience....still being quite lazy, I pulled out TWO Ice Cream Sandwiches to feed a reward.....for being such great sports.

    Brynn saw the sandwiches and turned and crawled off to the toys.....R2 looked at me kind of puzzled and just sat there..and Tobias said "What's That?"and just looked at me.

    What does that tell you?

    Well Bedste let the cat out of the bag.....they all three know exactly what an Ice Cream Sandwich is now...

  9. So...I'm in labor...waiting at home for contractions to regulate and all. At the dr appt today, I was 5 cm dilated and baby is moving along really well. But my contractions are weenie ones and irregular.

    My dr said to call when my contractions 5-7 minutes apart and I'm not smiling. So, after some walking around, I'm still smiling and my contractions are s-l-o-w-l-y regulating and getting closer.

    So if Joshua is born tomorrow, he'll be born the day before my birthday. =)

    Still debating on the middle name. Mark has been lobbying for "Clark" with every baby. Like Clark Kent - you know, Superman and all. =) I've vetoed it, but with #4, I've just run out of names I like. His initials would be J.C. which would be neat. So we'll see...

    OW OW OW...OW =)

  10. Joshua... that name just sounds good! = )

  11. I'm not sad about work at all, love my job. I was only joking with Eva about dropping off Keith.

    I'm up late, and at home, doing some systems testing for our HR info systems that went in this evening. We're testing before employees see it tomorrow to make sure everything work correct.

  12. I'm not sad about work at all, love my job. I was only joking with Eva about dropping off Keith.

    I'm up late, and at home, doing some systems testing for our HR info systems that went in this evening. We're testing before employees see it tomorrow to make sure everything work correct.

  13. We just got the go ahead to start testing....... Yahooooo!

  14. Father God give Lisa a smooth easy pain-free delivery
    Totally healthy whole little baby boy....

    Blessing Blessing Blessings

    Lisa this is so exciting. Joshua Clark Kent is on his way.

    Wow.....You are just 2 days over due..

    Are you still smiling?

    I know you are ready...

    .I can't wait to meet the little man..

  15. okay I think I solved the prob - go VKG holding down the fort w/ the mini-radiants.... So, do we have a mini-Kent yet???

  16. SUPERMAN has not yet been announced......

    mini clarks have been fed but not bathed.

    Air Freshner close by so whats the rush.

    I hear Tobias and Brynn in the kitchen playing with the leftover breakfast

    R2 and Lion are in front of whats the rush?

  17. Air Freshener won't spray...clogged.....Baths it is

  18. Who be misskerri? Anyone I know?

    Congratulations to Lisa and Mark on thier forthcoming boy!!!!!

    Children are a blessing!!

    Keith got his first experiance playing in a sprinkler in our yard Wednesday. He LOVED it! I'll get videos uploader over the weekend.

    I was up testing until 1:15 AM. I got to sleep in and come to work late.

  19. That’s 1:15 AM PST, 3:15 CST which is the blog time.

  20. I love it when kids play in the sprinkler....we used to set up our wet banana next to it. Maybe it was called a slip and slide.....not sure..but we ended up with neighborhood kids and a party...HOT Summers in the ghetto.....on second street duplexes...

    I didn't know it was the ghetto....we had quite a bit of fun back in the day....

    Mom stayed home and chilled on a daily basis with the other moms....and we thought of all kinds of things to do for fun.

  21. Gramma Janet Kent is not answering her house phone or cell phone.....Good sign.

    I predict that Joshua Clark Kent will be a very good size baby boy.....totally healthy and loud and beautiful and that Lisa will have had the easiest time ever...and that he will be a good 9 pound baby...

  22. I be a friend of Jess. I met them when Radiant was traveling in the Northeastern section of our fair land... Jacob's aunts attended our church, we've known them since "Praise Band" days... I've been a reader and anon for awhile... I was in Romania til the end of last year

    I feel like I know many of you 'tho I've only met the Radiants....

  23. If you have been a friend of theirs that long you may have also met Josharooni...He met his wife traveling on tour with Radiant AKA Praise Band.....

  24. The church has been affiliated w/ them that long, but I've only known them since 2001...

  25. Lion Kitty and R2 all dancing on my right foot....entertaining...

    Brynn and Tobias are talking and talking and talking in seperate beds in the SAME room...
    (pretend napping) Yes I am CRAZY.....

    In Other News......I stand corrected......

    perfectly baked Totinos Pizza is MUCH better than burnt scraped Dijorno.

    Totinos also has small bits of pepperoni and Tobias loves the toppings..

    Richy and Toby ate an entire pizza between them....turns out Totinos is the way to go with Munchkins

  26. misskerri- got it, you were the one in Romania, I remember you talking about it.

    VKG- Wouldn't have met misskerri since I only did first tour in 1998 to the West /Northwest (where we live now).

  27. I just had to update my profile to say I'm 30, no longer 29.

    Hey, and this will be comment # 30.

    Get back to work!






  29. Anyone have any way of finding out how big and what time and how are mom and baby doing?

    Gramma's phone is busy busy least they are home.....

  30. 8 pounds 14 oz born at 4am

    Joshua Clark Kent

    21 inches long

    Quoted from Great Gramma Bernice

    She also mentioned that CNN has Mike Huckabee and a few others talking about The Call


  31. km,lkkmj k˜∆˚∆nj

    This is whqt YOUR daughter did when I was not watching her......

    When I walked in the room she had it almost closed and poking around with her little fingers......

    I gasped.....and she jumped..and cried cuz I startled her....She was trying to write you a secret message.....

  32. Congrats Lisa and family, from Josh and Shannon!

    My birthday was last week. I just updated my profile to say I'm 30 today.

  33. HOORAY for the fabulous and famous big baby boy joshuaclarkkent.
    LisaandMark are sooooo blessed

  34. Brynn in her crib-Tobias in his bed-R2 with his Bedste-all three sound asleep---o yea Im Bad....

    I got it goin on....

  35. Been tuning in off and on. Watched first part of Radiant.

    Then had to get out and mow and edge the yard while it was still cool out (expecting mid-90's temp today).

    Tuned in to more Call.

    Worked on finishing installing a new front door and surround.

    Keith's nap time, so I have to stop the hammering and nailing.

    More Call now.

    Then have to do some work in the garage.

    I'd love to be able to take the whole 12 hours to tune in, but I'm participating as much as possible.

    Lord, bring our nation back to You!

  36. getting hungry now... What a fasting wuss I am

  37. hi jess
    are you out in the heat? it's raining here in CornRow...coolish...

    Mighty things are happening because of your stand there...and all the ones standing together with you all there in their places all over the globe! Powerful!

    You are worthy! Lord!

  38. we're in the shade... Most of our people are up front in the heat, tho.

  39. i've seen Tred several times, then Hannah - saw Pablo and Chris - Nate - Jakit - Jenn Reich't - several times.....


    NOT Utube

  41. I think I saw Tread near the crowd control fence once..and I saw Jess and Nate in the crowd and once.

    This Call was great.....

    I was waiting for the Shafer again at the end....I guess they do it different each time...

    What a cry out for America....and our babies.

    I for one AM going to adopt. How bout ya'll?

    I am encouraged and heart broken

  42. Jess.....what other language do you speak?


  43. 50 photos and 2 movies......will that do you.til you have them in your arms again?

  44. These kids are such good kids......
    Tobias and Brynn asleep in their room...R2 still mumbling but laying down and waiting on Bedste..
    I must be getting old cuz I am exausted!

  45. Atlanta airport... So ready to see my babies!

  46. The Call = changed lives... our church brought a group and so many came back w/ amazing testimonies... instead of service as usual we had different ppl share on Sunday am... God is so good... I spent the day on the side in the shade behind Water Mountain...

    Enjoyed worshipping w/ Radiant again... and saw Hannah the human palindrome on the jumbo tron couple of times, but no one else... Oh well...

    God was lifted up, heaven was touched, lives were changed... what more could you ask for?


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