Friday, August 29, 2008

Palin and Pants and Pediatrics

Posting late today, but it'll be up all weekend...

I was totally thrilled with John McCain's choice of a running mate in Sarah Palin. I had never heard of her prior to today, but I've also been steering clear of politics lately...
So I went on a Google spree as soon as she was leaked as a possibility this morning, and she looks like the answer to my hangups about voting for John McCain. She is staunchly pro-life, in fact she had a baby in April with Down's Syndrome, even after being encouraged to abort him. (FYI: statistics show 80% of Down's Syndrome babies are aborted. How sick and sad...) She's also strongly in support of getting our own dadgum oil... and pretty much a straight up conservative.

She is the youngest elected Governor in US history, elected at 42 (she's 44 now) I'm geeking out a little about a true conservative being a heartbeat away from the presidency... especially how she says she never meant to get into politics. Maybe I'll be President yet!

I think she was a genius pick for McCain, and I feel excited for the first time since Huck bit the dust.

In other news, I think it's time for some Smartypants. Hit me with your best shot!
Ms. Smartypants is here for your medical, political, social and no doubt ridiculous questions. Submit your inquiries now through Sunday night, and she will answer as many as strike her fancy!

In other, other news:


  1. I am so excited about Palin I think she is GREAT!!!

  2. I saw a step their with Byrnn! Awesome!

    Palin is a good choice. With my skepticism of those who have been "true" conservatives long enough to get elected, but then given the government and executive branch more and more power, and ran out country into debt, I just hope she is the real deal. McCain is not the real deal people think he is, so I hope Palin is also not a neo-con in conservative clothing.

    She could be great though!

  3. SHE IS WALKING!!! Yippeeeeeee Brynn!

  4. Gustav tracking seems to increasingly be moving southward... toward YOU!!! (Houston)

  5. Awesome tracking site (copy / paste)

  6. He is geeking out about this storm. Poor Gulf-Coaster stuck in the midwest...

  7. Dear Mrs. SP,

    Why is it so hard to pick a name for a girl?

  8. Especially for Josharooni

    Olympic Announcer Quotes:

    Paul Hamm, Gymnast: 'I owe a lot to my parents, especially my
    mother and father.'

    Boxing Analyst: 'Sure there have been injuries, and even some
    deaths in boxing, but none of them really that serious.'

    Softball announcer: 'If history repeats itself, I should think we
    can expect the same thing again.'

    Basketball analyst: 'He dribbles a lot and the opposition doesn't
    like it. In fact you can see it all over their faces.'

  9. I took Graceson to school early one day last week...just to check it out.....I will never do that again.

    They herd all the children together into the cafeteria. Pre k on the floor sitting...waiting. Poor little G!

    I made eye contact with him as long as i could... while I was leaving him.....He pulled his arm up really high and waved......I waved back..

    When I was further away and almost gone....
    I looked back.... we were still able to barely see each other.....

    Graceson again put his arm up and proudly made the Vulcan sign, I responded with my own Vulcan sign.. It was such a comfort...

  10. Is it weird that I'm bummed the Hurricane is going to hit some random place in Lousianna? I mean, god spare people and I, but I do kinda like storms... Though I'm in Kansas City, I must remember....

  11. Eva, I really liked the basketball analyst one.. I laughed out loud!

    The softball one is silly; he didn't think before that one!

  12. Eva- those are funny!

    Richy- Yes, it weird!

  13. Richy- that tracking site is really cool. Ya know, once it makes landfall, it could do anything. It could hit west of New Orleans and then bounce back out and slam the city. Or, it could ride the coast and slam Houston.

  14. Ms. Smartypants,

    What is wrong with Richy that makes him want carnage from storms?

  15. Don't worry Richy you are not alone. I always get disapointed when the storm decreases instead of increases. I thought for sure it would get to a cat 5. Of course afterwards I always feel quilty and think I should be grateful it is not as intense.

    Maybe we missed our true calling and are suppose to be storm trackers like those nuts who drive next to tornados!

    Or we could be like Geraldo and Shep Smith who are in the French Quarter holding those little wind gages hoping for a big gust. I like Shep, but I keep hoping a big gust will come and knock Geraldo on his blessed assurance. That would be funny!

  16. about Palin, you forgot the most important part... she's HOT. instant win for mccain. also weather tracking site.. is my fav. also that is one cute girl you have. this is bill

  17. true, bill... with cindy mccain and sarah palin on our side, we have the hottest white house options... :D

  18. Ok.. new worship podcast... weekly updates... plus in the fall we are going to have tour video! copy/paste

    into your browser... you can just click on the file..or BETTER..subscribe by clicking on the "Itunes" link on the bottom right! It will go straight into your itunes, and you will keep up automatically when new episodes etc... The other one Got too busy and watered down... With once a week, I can ensure quality and not go insane with the demand of it! Love ya'll... - Richy


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