Thursday, August 21, 2008

You may or may have not noticed I have taken a step back from politics for the last several months... as I process my own thoughts. If you haven't watched the Civil Forum from Saddleback Church, you really should. Rick Warren (Purpose Driven Life) interviewed Obama and McCain. Youtube it, it's about 2 hours worth of clips, but really fascinating insight into the candidates on some moral issues and faith.

We watched a few clips last night, and I want to watch the rest when my brood allows.

I'm watching carefully to see who gets chosen for the vice presidential candidates... I don't see Huck being picked, but maybe Romney. I still don't know if I'm going to vote, or take the conscientious objector route.

In other news, I went up to the school yesterday to take another step in enrolling R2. I have to repeat these facts over and over. He has never been enrolled in school. He is 9. He is special needs. Yes, that's correct. 9, homeschooled, special needs. Okay, I'll repeat myself.

So now we have an appointment with someone else on Monday and then maybe we can actually start all the Special Ed evaluations and such. And then at some point after that, I guess we'll know when he'll actually start classes. And then we will buy uniforms (for public school, can you believe it?) And maybe someone will tell me what school supplies he needs, since he won't be in normal classes.

I don't know what to expect, but I feel good about moving forward and trying this for a year.


  1. I know it is frustrating baby.

    Anxious to hear about Dr appt

  2. So, how did it go at the school? I'm praying R2 gets the kind of teachers who see the potential within... and God is big enough that he can get a Christian teacher too....

  3. Speaking of politics, we have a Governors’ rematch from 2004 coming up in November in WA. In 2004 Dino Rossi (Republican) challenged the incumbent Democrat. In 2004, Rossi initially won by only 261 votes, but then a triple recount and two court cases gave it to the Democrat by just 129 votes. The last four years under the Dem having been very bad. Rossi is running again and we’re all pulling hard for him.

  4. Hey Jess!

    I think that R2 will do very well in school. He will have a new adventure everyday. I will pray that his teacher is perfect for his needs.

    Josh, lovely video of Keith. He has grown so much. What have you & Shannon decided to name your new baby?

    The Call DC was awesome. Saw it on God TV. Like the photo of Jess & Mike, too. Now that's pretty cool!


  5. Sorry you have to repeat things while enrolling him.. : (
    That's exciting-- R2 will get to learn lots! I hope it goes the best it can!

    That video with Rick Warren sounds neat.. I'll try to watch it soon.

  6. sivadnorahs~ We haven't decided on her name yet.. we have a few options & I'm also looking through name lists still. I wonder if she won't get her name until we see her (like Keith did)?? It is neat to give the name after meeting! I hope to have a couple to choose from though.

    While pregnant with Keith, we didn't think of the idea of the name Keith until 1 week before he was born. We already had his middle name almost for sure though.

    Also, this time we're not sharing the ideas we have for her name.

    I'm in my 3rd trimester now! She's getting soo big! It's awesome to feel her moving & I'm looking forward to meeting her.

    Today, Keith said 'baby' for the first time! Cute. I was saying, "Keith, you're going to have a baby sister.. (pointing at my belly).. baby!" Then he said it.

    He had already learned to point to my belly (& sometimes his own!) when we ask where the baby is. : D

  7. Joshareena Shanarooni is a great name.

    I hope I am not spoiling the surprise by letting the cat out of the bag

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