Friday, August 8, 2008

So, I don't know if you noticed, but I was out for a week. Oh, and I wrote a brilliant Smartypants, to which you all replied, "Hey! My lights are off! Bring the beanie babies!"
My art is so misunderstood.

So last week, I went to the house o'prayer 2 hours a day and didn't eat anything for 5 days.... drank protein shakes and then broke my fast on day 5. My goal was to break myself down and get real with God... and I did. Incredible week. I feel like I've grown a ton, and I want to sustain it now, only with food.

The Call is Saturday. We're on first thing, so that's 9 am Central on God TV. We'll be on for 30 minutes, so don't miss us! And then stick with the Call for the rest of the day- we are believing if we call on God, He will heal America... and wipe out abortion.
So go over to God.TV and register for a free account, so you can watch. Or make a friend with DirectTV. Or, I have heard that Christ the King Church will be broadcasting the webstream and praying along. Or, go to and click find a bus to DC, find a campsite or hotel, and join us there! The end.

In other news, Toby is nuts. Crazy sneaky crazy nuts. He has devised all kind of new plans to destroy me. He is the joy of my life and the puller-outer of my hair. Seriously. He is simultaneously THRILLING me with his amazing intelligence and creativity, and making me scream at his amazing intelligence in thinking of creative ways to make messes and do bad things.

I'm not terribly literary today, but who cares! Trees down in the yard! Babies everywhere! And I'm not bitter! See you Monday.

Oh, and Conrovians: we will be leading worship Saturday night at Sanctuary Church, and Richy is preaching. Then Richy will be preaching at Christ the King on Sunday. We leave back to KC early Monday morning, so we don't really get to visit anyone, mostly just practicing music. But we love all you Texans! Peace out.


  1. re toby & his driving you nuts
    your discription reminds me of one bree teinert when she was that age


  2. oh my goodness, it is SUCH a relief that you are back! I missed your wit. And also the wisdom. And the stories. Twitter now?

    P.S. I had a dream you were in last night. We were walking to my apartment, talking about R2. Then when we got into my apartment, Lou Engle, Chris Berglund (dont' know if you know who that is, he's a covenant friend of Lou's and my old pastor/grew up with his family/dad's best friend), and Ron Downing. You were in my dream!

    Glad you're back.

  3. Also glad you are back. We are planning on coming tommorow night.

    God willing and the creek don't rise.

    So you will have the privlidge of seeing Trinity in person. She is very cute! I am only slightly partial she really is cute!

  4. It's cool/sad to watch Keith be creative too..

    Keith likes to climb moving boxes.
    Keith likes to open fridge, retrieve grapes, scatter, then step on them. I suppose he wants to make juice.
    Keith likes to find my box of loose pictures which I left stacked on other boxes in the hall.. then while I shower, I gate him to the hall & his room only, to avoid what he could do in the living room/kitchen.. only to come out & find approximately 10 or so rolls of pictures scattered all over the hall. How exhausting to pick those up with these tired pregnant legs! Ug, now they are out of order.. completely!! At least I got to reminisce of times with friends & family (approx. 1994-2000) : D

    Ya, so now I removed all boxes he could possibly open in the hall. Sometimes it's frustrating that I only get to the eliminating-risk part, once it has happened. ha ha- of course not always!!

    At least he hasn't opened the soy milk & poured it out. (note: he can open our new fridge, yet couldn't open the fridge at the rental house)

    That's sweet you all are playing in the Call.

  5. The Shepherds House (aka Santuary) 6:30 pm TONIGHT!

  6. my updated count of expectants in mcf/jessblog is NINE
    (two r due this month)

    who can name them

  7. so great to have the Radiants home and together for the weekend, and the calldc is such a great time for pressin in and unifying

  8. julie Davis

    Lisa kent

    D ana tullos

    Shannon peterson

    Meredith Peterson
    That is all I can come up with

  9. Lisa is due THIS WEEK! I think Meredeth is due this month too!!

  10. qpppqjwbuergrrrrrrrrerrrrrrfrredderd ddddddfse

  11. Meredith is due around Sept. 25.
    She's almost 34 weeks!
    I'm so happy for them!!

  12. Valerie is pregnanant

    Meredith due in SEPT




    Julie Davis

    Ok......who else

  13. that was not me, it was Viking Granny doing identity theft.

  14. I just want to say that it was wonderful getting to watch some of the clarkettes yesterday during church. And the brief getting to see Mrs. Clark was nice also.


  15. As seen on a car bumper: “Driver does not carry cash. He is married”


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