Wednesday, January 2, 2008

What a whirlwind of glamour and excitement I am in... today, I made meatloaf. Somebody stop me.

Today, I put the wee gents into snow gear and sent them out into the yard, as they requested. It took close to an hour to collect all the snow gear and put them in it, then they spent 5-10 minutes outside and wanted back in. Maybe that'll cure them of wanting to go outside.

I think the thing over there says it's 32 degrees. Nope, it's FOURTEEN. Yikes.

I like the new house. It was built in 1950 and has been vacant for a year, so there are some kinks to work out. Like tree roots in the septic. Say hello to Snake and Rooter. And various leaks, primarily in the basement... and oh, did I mention we don't have a refrigerator yet? As in, we moved in on FRIDAY. And no fridge yet. It's scheduled to arrive today, and it better be a doozy. We've been keeping the milk on the back porch, where it freezes solid. And all the perishables have been in the garage, which keeps them icy cool. It's kind of an adventure, actually. It will be like a luxury house when we have a refrigeration unit in our kitchen.


  1. Hey Jess! It was pretty cold here this morning for Conroe, When I got up it was only 25 degrees! No snow though! How has Toby adjusted to the weather? Did he have any problems?

  2. no problems... his breathing is great, which is a relief!

  3. I love you! signed mama

  4. Hey Jess........those poor boys might like to actually play with EACH OTHER together outside.

    Are you making them stand by the window and watch their brother in the snow......and then switching out the kid.....

    Buy another SNOW-SUIT so the boys don't have to share.....

    Cheap Cheap Cheap......

    I mean..

    Frugile Frugile Frugile.....

    Splurge and get Tobias his own.....

  5. It is so wonderful to see them in the SNOW.......smiling.........

  6. not many comments in here

    peeps still hungover????



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