Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I need to be starting lunch now. Which means washing a LOT of dishes. So I blog.

We bought several locks yesterday, primarily designed to keep Toby in the house. I wish I had one to keep him in his room at nap time, but no luck. We had to buy high locks, because he has figured out how to work the doorknob covers. He has also figured out how to drag a chair around and climb to get high things. So we'll see how long the high locks work.

Last night I was making dinner, and R2 came in and started hugging me. I said, "Awww... you love your mommy." And he says, "I love sandwiches, mama..."

In other news, it is snowing today. It was 40 degrees when we woke up and 22 degrees when we finished breakfast. We were kind of hoping for a blizzard, just for variety, but all we got is snow flurries. 

And now I'm hungry so I guess I have to clean the kitchen. Tomorrow: existential thought Wednesday.


  1. meds and one shoe on the way (2-day). I took R2s shoe to Cali and forgot to give it to $E...


  2. "I love sandwiches, mama..." HAHAHA

    We have barstool height chairs for our table, so Keith won't be able to use them to climb things for a while.

    We didn't get any new snow last night- then the temp is up in the 40s today, so the other snow is melting. That's how it is hear, you only get it for a day or two.

  3. Correction- that how it is *here*

    How's the potty training going?

  4. I know supern8 is wondering about the potty training, that's why I'm asking.

  5. I'm going No. 2 now all by myself...

  6. BTW - should have some new Radiant vids up on youtube soon...from the conference we just finished in Cali. Great worship/video!!!
    I'll post here when they're up...

  7. roflol

    you guys are 2 funny

  8. Hey Jess.........check out black slide show on Africa Blog......

    I guess I broke it.

    R2 is so funny.....he has a great sense of humor.

    I can see Tobias dragging around a chair with Brynn soon following crawling and the two of them having all kinds of fun.

  9. don't let him teach brynn his herculean ways....

    hann and her cousin bethany taught little 2 year old jpeg that you could play on stacked kindergarten tables.... and pretend they were beds! so they all climbed up on a table - each of the girls on table one and two... then they told little 2 year old jpeg to climb up to the top table for his bunk...and he DID....

    bang, crash, boom, a few minutes later, the girls came to me in the church auditorium and told me what had happened....

    j had a broken clavicle and was in shock, i think! he wasn't crying.... we were just about to start the Sunday morning service (the kids had been down in the nursery alone, since we practically LIVED at the church building and I didn't know the janitor had shampooed the carpets, thus the stacked tables)

    i refused to let the enemy steal from us - so prayed for my little boy, wrapped him in a blanket, and had him lay down on some chairs beside a good friend of mine...

    later on we went to the chiropracter who attended our church, he xrayed his clavicle and found the break.

    gotta be careful with these dareangel kids like ours - you have Toby... we had Hannah and J...



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