Thursday, January 3, 2008

in which I title this post

Last night we found a resale shop. I just went in to check it out... wanting to spend the last of the Christmas money and maybe buy a temporary dining table. There were a couple of options, which were ultimately voted down by the Fashionista/MOG. More meals on the couch. Sheesh. Ugly does not equal no good. Anyways.

Later we attempted to attend a prayer rally/service for the Luke 18 project. We made it through worship, but as soon as it was time to sit down, Tobias felt the need to entertain the masses. Dancing, singing, crawling like a baby, running down aisles. We made a discreet exit by gathering 2 tons of winter garb, massive diaper bag, laptop case, car seat with Bean, and a whining Toby. Jumping R2 followed discreetly behind. Sigh. We are going to have to figure this out.

In other news, I really like this house. It is cozy and happy. And my kitchen is huge, although I am not loving me washing dishes by hand.

I need to finish unpacking clothes, and do some laundry. It is, however, approximately 30 degrees in the garage, where the washer and dryer are. So unpacking it shall be.


  1. ...or you could send out a Radiant myspace bulletin with a link to our commercial for the recently released Youth of Fountains Live worship project (now available at or on iTunes). But that would take you at least 135 seconds. You probably don't have time (to support the ministry like that).
    If you do, Richy will buy you a dining room table tonight, I'm sure of it!

  2. sounds pretty normal to me ecxept for the snow.i appreciate the fact that R2 brought up the rear jumping. i can see it all as though it were yesterday. Actually it was just a few days ago he jumped all the way through three states or so. It is cold here but nothing like there,just small beans.i am finishing the day at the divas and on to a meeting till 9 and then perhaps a morsel of sustenance.I luv ya luvyaluvya Yo mama

  3. Hey,
    I know I didnt get to see you off, but I wanted to let you know I have family in KC. I will have to call and see if they are anywhere close to where you all are at, but I dont even know where you all are in this grand city. The phone works by the way!
    Julie D.

  4. jess' phone is frozen....

    that is if she has unpacked it yet....

  5. huckabee wins iowa
    God puts in place our leaders

    huck is a wolf in sheeps clothing

    pray pray pray for Gods mercy on our nation

  6. I am watching to see what happens... huckabee might be God's guy for the job

  7. oh, and n8.. I did the bulletin and put the vid on < r >'s myspace- no table. Thanks a LOT


    check this table out....

    i LOVE ebay!!!

    you would just have to go over and pick it up!

    don't know the reserve....

  9. here's a cute one.... how far away is it???

  10. ck this one out!!!

  11. i've tried to change my image....

    but the buzzy bee just won't quit!

    any clues on how to change it? it won't allow me to!!!

    what's up with that???

  12. jess, are you on same time zone as us in the LONE STAR STATE?

  13. JESS, how close are you to Wichita Kansas???

    We have relatives up there....

  14. does ne1 listen to rush or read his commentaries

  15. wth are yall doin there anyways jess? I forgot.

    conspiracy theory is silly.

    Ill take a social conservitive over a fiscal any day if Id have to choose... which we may with Huck.

    Baptists are ok peeps.

    I am greatfull for goverment programs like CHIPs for someone like me.. make too much for food stamps or medicaid.. but got a wife and 5 kids with one income and cant afford a deductible or my crappie corperate insurance premium.. am I a bit of a socialist? .. a moderate? I hear Denmark is nice.

    Huck seems to fit the bill.

    Got my endorsment... - ARB


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