Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy new year!

Well, here we are. 5 of us alone -several states away from friends and family. I have been dreading this, but you know, it's okay.
So begins the Clark family adventure.

The Call KC was beautiful. R2 didn't go at all, we just took the babies and traded them back and forth between me and the MOG. They actually did very well, although we did have Toby on a wrist leash. Sorry if you think that's cruel.... 25,000+ people and a runner... he gets a leash.
It felt very true to the spirit of the original Calls we attended, less praise and worship, more prayer. It was intense all day long. Me and the munchkins left after 7 hours, but I watched the stream on God TV, which you can watch for free on your computer anytime... and they will be replaying the Call, so keep an eye out.

Radiant did not play, we just attended and prayed. And actually, that may be why I enjoyed it so much. Being behind the scenes sometimes, you miss the flavor of what's happening on the floor. So that was refreshing and awesome.

Richy woke me up at 11:55 where I had fallen asleep watching the stream on my laptop, and we had a nice quiet Happy New Year listening to the neighbors fireworks and him eating his chili dog.

This morning I said goodbye to my mom for the longest separation we will ever have, at least a few months, maybe longer. I didn't cry... but I feel the gap already. Then I said goodbye to the team and my sister and Nate. And now we're on our own.

This is going to be fun.


  1. This is going to be a time of growing and maturing and learning and absorbing and Trusting GOD!

    New Beginnings........

    Fresh Starts.....


  2. Awww,so sweet.

    A kid leash is not a bad idea & is not cruel, especially for runners. I once took Garrett to the mall with "the leash"; Julie said it would be a "good" thing for him since he wanted to walk rather than being pushed in the stroller.

    So, I used "the leash". It was funny! He could walk way out in front of me & mingle with the people. The reaction of others in the mall was priceless! There was a group of beautiful, young ladies gathered in the middle of the mall standing in a circle admiring some hair care product of some sort. Garrett (almost 2 years old) just pushed himself right into the middle of these girls & just stood there smiling up at them! They were all laughing and oohing and aahing all over him. I wished I'd had a video cam at that moment.

    I guess that visual will just have to stay put in my memory forever for me to enjoy over & over again.

    You just never know what kids will do - thus "the leash".

    I hope you guys enjoy your time in KC. Have you had play time in the snow with the kids yet?

  3. Don is now on his way to Seattle. It's sad, he's only been gone for about 12 hours & I miss him.

    So, I'm thinking I'll have much more free time, depending on my mom's health condition (chemo treatments), & I have some interesting music lesson videos for guitar (electric & acoustic); keyboard; & mandolin & banjo!!!! I may stretch myself a bit and have some fun.

  4. Sharon.......we are never too old to learn new tricks. Isn't it exciting.....

    I am going to take an ART class this year....

    And maybe even another computer class.......

    Happy New Year..

    Jecissa has such a great hubby...
    waking her up right in the nick of time....What a MAN.......

  5. help! this Christmas Bee won't go away!!!! help!!!

  6. happy new year to you KC Clarkies! Glad you guys are getting settled in! Jess you never mentioned if ur new little home has a fireplace or not? that would be awesome if it did! hardwood floors and a fireplace to snuggle up in front of! how romantic!

  7. Happy New Year! kisses to all my little and big ones. So good to have the blog. I love you, mama


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