Monday, January 21, 2008

Happy Monday!
Feeling much better today after multiple hours alone on Saturday... at Barnes and Noble, and then the library, and then the thrift store. I am now the proud owner of TWO new books, and the borrower of a lot... this library is cool.

In other news, my feet are in shock. They have been consistently cold for 3 weeks. I told Richy I was getting frostbite, but he didn't even care. This weekend, Saturday maybe, it was 3 degrees. By mid-afternoon, it was a sunny EIGHT. Are you kidding me? I didn't even know there was an EIGHT. I asked Toby if he wanted to play outside... first time ever he's turned me down.

So there you go, there's the update. It's cold.

In other, other news, yesterday was one of the two days a year that the MOG wants to watch football. I tried to be a football buddy as we got out the ol' rabbit ears, but by the second down or something like that I was reading a book. I stink at football watching.

That's all the news. Good day.


  1. Leah is great at watching football with me, too. She reads during the game and then laughs at the commercials...
    Just so you know, it's freezing here, too. We won't see 64 today...

  2. That's pretty much what I did. If he doesn't make any friends by Sunday, I'll watch the SuperBowl with him... those commercials are the BAYST.

    Sorry to hear it's so cold. You might have to wear socks, or something.

  3. frost bite is serious. richy should rub your toes
    then a warm bubbly bath
    and hot coca
    email me ur address. I wanna mail u sumthin

  4. football- I like the instant replays and the highlights at the end where they only show the best action. man it was so cold at the last big game. just be glad ur man doesn't have to be there live at the open stadium

  5. is the Super boWL this sunday or the next???

  6. Feb. 3rd...Radiant scheduled the conference in LA for this weekend so as to not miss the big game while flying...

  7. i was a pretty good football watcher on Sunday. I watched part of the first game and almost all of the second game. That's partly because i wanted Eli Manning to go to the Super Bowl. I always think he must feel a lot of weird pressure from the other Mannings, and i want him to show 'em.

    But i cheered and paid attention most of the time and everything! AND Eli won! I'd like to think i had something to do with that.....

    In other news, we've discovered a kitten.......who is now in our apartment.........she's really really sweet and is stealing our hearts, but we should probably give her away to a home where people actually stay home from time to time. She's definitely an inside and human dependent cat - very affectionate. If you're interested, please let me know.........

  8. It was a brisk 25 when I left this AM. I’m happy that the day light is getting longer. It wasn’t dark when I got home yesterday and was light out when I left this morning. Keith will be happy that he won’t get denied going outside every evening because it is dark. I think I shall take him out in the yard as soon as I get home today.

  9. Curretnly 10 degrees in KC.

    Jess- how about adding a weather ticker for Conroe, TX and Everett, WA on the home page?


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