Monday, January 7, 2008

Huck and such

All right, all right. Politics.

Now here's the whatsit. I LOVE politics. But I don't enjoy discussing it that much because it gets ugly so quickly. Nonetheless, I will now discuss it with you.

I like Huckabee, started liking him during the debates and have been watching him since. I also like Romney and Thompson. I'd be okay with any of them.

Here's where it gets tricky for me. Rush Limbaugh. He is my main man. I HEART Rush. And he doesn't like Huck. Doesn't feel like he's conservative enough on the issues. This has shaken my faith in Huck. Not because I believe whatever Rush says, but because I know Rush has the understanding and the experience to know what he's talking about. So it does sway me some, or at least make me think. Which is good, I should know why I support someone and stand by my convictions.

I believe the KEY issue right now is abortion. I think it is heavy on the heart of God, and it's time to END this abomination. Because it is. It is an evil institution. So that was my foundation, and the first reason I ruled out Rudy, who I loved for his leadership on 9/11. Another key issue is gay marriage, and preserving the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman. Huck and I see eye to eye on these.
I am a conservative, and I believe in conservatism. Smaller government, less taxes, free trade, crackdown on immigration, a strong military and defense policy- capitalism etc etc. And Huck is a little disappointing on these. But the social/moral issues are weightier, for me and my one vote.

Add to that some of the prophetic voices that I greatly respect putting their support behind him, and that is in his favor.

Here's the deal, though. It's early yet. Candidates will drop out and show up. Somebody might unearth a love child or some crime or (gasp) politically incorrect statement anda candidate will drop off the landscape in a matter of days. So at this point, it's important to study and listen to the candidates, and learn.

Here's some political ground rules for my blog.
• Feel free to promote your candidate. We can all learn. NOTE: don't post long articles. Just post the link.
• DO NOT criticize somebody elses candidate. It's rude, and I don't like rudeness. You can post a link to a hit piece, just add a warning.
• No personal attacks on other bloggers. Come on.

So there you go.

In other news, it has been record temperatures up here for days, in the 60s. BORING. I need some snow. And I shall have some, tomorrow. Also, the Call Cincinatti is Saturday and we Clarks are driving up, or over or whatever and attempting it. I may spend the majority of the day in a hotel room watching the webstream. But at least I'll be able to go to some of it.


  1. If you want to see pics from Mama PC OpenHouse you will have to wait for Jess to move the link in here.

  2. Wow! What Great Open House pics..

  3. Hey Jess.........

    I finally found a Bambo baby sitting chair at R2R.......just like the one you have for Bean except this one is PINK.......

    You already have one.....but it is very funny that just about everything eventually finds its way to R2R........

    This one belongs to Ruby......

    Wonder how old Ruby should be before she can use it........

  4. mcd's is targeting starbucks & adding baristas to their restaurants

    what next

    i will have a tall triple shot mickey d latte


  5. brit spears for prez

    even better

  6. i look like i stink but i dont yo...

  7. Hey Jess,
    Matt wants to know when you are going to run for President? He said please take Hilary's place. We both would much rather you be the first woman President.

  8. I personally don't think Hilary really stands a chance. I like Mike, but no firm decision yet because I have not study everyone yet. I am not sure I feel comfortable with Romney because he is a mormon. I know it will probably have nothing to do with how he operates as President. But still there is that tugging think in me that just says it is wrong.

  9. Also I have not listened to Rush in a while. I totally miss him. Who is his pick for Pres?

  10. Hey, Jen... you feeling preggo???

    Tell Matt hello and that I always enjoy his participation in prayer events! He expresses the heart of a lot of people...


    Hey, I had fun tonight.

    I made a point of getting home really soon after work, John and J fired up his new grill he got for Christmas! (J) and then the two guys went to Verizzzeeennn to get J a new phone since his was lost...

    Anyway, I had me a blast barbequing!!!! I never knew it could be so fun! I grilled chicken, and veggies....made macaroni and cheese... and just totally enjoyed the cool breezes and smell of grilled meat... along with fighting the occasional fire that bursted forth! But, anyway, all I know is that I enjoyed it... and our back patio....

    Oh, and also I enjoyed the guests who J invited....

    John P Jessie All-
    Papa along with me

    we talked politics and those kids have some good conversational skills! we'll have to do it again some time. john p jessie is spending a lot of time visiting over here...and has helped us a lot! i really like those kids of yours bethc!

    then, we jumped in and alisa and i did the dishes while the guys jammed a bit... she's a really hard worker...and sweet...

    then, pappy had to settle down and prepare his monthly ctk report and you know what I'm talkin' about jess...

    while Linds talks and talks and talks in her room upstairs cause she has a FEVER! i always say i love it when she has a fever cause she rambles on and on and tells a lot of secrets.... tee hee hee!

    well, i have accomplished unpacking at least one box each day over the past few days...and should go finish before getting to zzz-land...

    thanks to all who came over... we want our home to be an open home always (except we may boot you out if you show up after 10 p.m.)

    again, thanks, eva for the pics!

    ok jess, send some snow in an envelope!

    oh, and let us know your mailing address somehow so we can send you some Texas heat!


  11. Hey Jess, I sent you an email! Read it please! Thanks!


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