Friday, January 18, 2008



Well, it's finally snowing. Glorious. I went out on the porch last night and let myself get snowed on. Oh, and I took pictures of myself. No TV needed. I am a one man show.

Toby is a determined, independent, persuasive and persistent person. He has strong convictions and is not easily swayed. He is passionate about the things that he loves, willing to fight for what he feels is right, or rightly his. That sounds pretty good. If I make it through the next 18 years, he is going to be a DOOZY of an adult. Actually, saying it that way gives me a little perspective. Maybe when he wakes up from his nap, he won't frazzle me so much.

I am officially lonely. I don't want to make new friends, I don't like them. I want my old friends. Okay, fine. I'll make new friends. But sheesh... how do you make friends when you have three little kids? Maybe other people with little kids... sheesh.

I don't want to think about it today. I'll think about that tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, I am supposed to be having a date by myself tomorrow, to spend my grand and highly exalted Barnes and Noble card. We shall see. books in the snow

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  1. Hey Jess & Fam,

    Do churches still have Mother's Day Out programs?

    The reason I ask is this: perhaps Toby needs more outside stimuli. A couple of days a week might help him & you - you never know until you try. Plus, you might make new friends with kids!

    Just a suggestion from one who was there so many years ago.

    (Also think of all those people in KC who really NEED YOU in their lives!!!! What a blessing!!!)


  2. definitely get out of the 4 walls and be around grownup peoples amap

    what "activities" does tobias enjoy? does he like individual attention

  3. When we moved to IL, we went to a young adults meeting at a church and made friends really quick there. We are still in contact with many of them by email, blogs, ect. Go to a cell group or young adults get together.

  4. Keith is starting to push things a little more also. Consistent loving discipline certainly is the key with Keith.

    He did, however, transition to the toddler bed pretty easy. On just the 2nd day, Shannon put him down for his nap. He got out of bed and was at the door crying. Shannon told him from down the hall to lay down in bed because it was nap time. He cried just a little, then got back in bed. At night, he doesn't even get out. He actually likes going to sleep at night.

  5. go out and buy useff some 1.00 sunglasses and a whopper meal,woiks foh me!

  6. so, from another perspective -

    when MY kids were little and I was ready to pinch their cheeks off and bsh their heads in with a 2x4 (seriously).... i got COUNSELING! (from a lady on the 'child abuse hotline' and ended up putting the girls in GYMNASTICS CLASS to work out their energies....and put myself into a TENNIS LEAGUE and worked out my frustrations in life on that little yellow-lime-green ball and those hoity-toity yuppie ladies across the court!

    once i did those two things (plus got in closer with God, forgave the people who had hurt me in my life, and went through three 13-week sessions in Nova Shalom Marriage Ministries home-group study-groups with my husband) i became a much more peaceful wife and mother

    well, i don't know why ALL THAT came out - but i will trust God and just let it all hang out...

    (i've always said that what I learned all those years ago - I want to share with younger moms...and be available as a support.... so, if any of you feel like squashing yore kiddo... please feel free to call....)


  7. One word of wisdom, from the kid-whose-mother-liked-to-pinch-her-head-off perspective. If at any point you do something you regret, go apologize to your kid and let them eat popcorn with you at night when they're supposed to be in bed. That'll fix everything.

  8. oh Hanga - you are a precious little buttercup who has blessed our lives in so many ways...

    thank you for forgiving your imperfect ma

    want some popcorn right now??? homemade on the stove popcorn???


    love you all!

  9. Mama PC always has good insight. Thank you for always sharing.

    I put up some pictures and videos on my blog. Check it out.

  10. So Jess, what sport will it be, football or hockey?


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