Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Well... this was supposed to be my morning to sleep in. Toby didn't get the memo.

Today, Danish Viking Pagan Granny has the boys in the afternoon... so me and my little homies will be chillin until then... maybe we'll meet the MOG for lunch... or maybe we'll drive around in our fancy van. (as I write this, Toby is laying back down. Could it BE? We shall see)
Haven't called for a Brynn update yet. Last night there was really nothing for the nurse to report, so she just told me how cute she was looking...

I'm not unhappy. But I'm displaced. Life has gone on and I don't feel settled anywhere I go, you know? I guess I just have to re-acclimate myself somehow.

Soon, I'll have 3 kids at home in diapers. One who is learning to walk, one who has to be held, and one who has to have their hand held. THEN, I will have little time for introspection. I know it's going to be crazy and exhausting. But I can't wait.


  1. no comments? you gotta be keeding mee

  2. Speaking of minivans and since some of you have little ones...thought this would be of interest.

    One reason we decided to get our minivan was lack of space in the Blazer -- everyone fit, but the boys were just crammed together in the backseat. And Nate was just in a lapbelt. But money was tight, and we thought it would be ok for awhile longer.

    But we really started looking after we saw a news report on this youtube video. We will be getting the bigger carseats for Nate and Sammy soon. It's a small price to pay for such precious cargo.

    Bring on the Kleenex...

  3. Having your three kids at home sounds like fun for you. You’ll be able to change a poppy diaper with your eyes closed, using one hand soon.

    Did Toby go back to sleep?

    It’s snowing again here. Looks like the same as a couple weeks ago- falls for 30 minutes, looks pretty, turns to rain, bye bye snow.

  4. he did, and immediately R2 woke up... he chilled with Annie and Toby and I slept till nearly 11... sweeeeet

  5. "Maturity begins to grow when you can sense your concern for others outweighing your concern for yourself."
    - John Macnaughton

  6. Fact:
    Hail destroys hundreds of millions dollars' worth of crops and property each year, a greater toll than that taken by tornadoes.

  7. Josh......If you stop feeding Keith poppy seeds, then he will stop having poppy diapers......

    PRAYER request......

    Please pray for 2 year old Daven Cochran. He fell in a pond and his grandmother found him and revived him and now he is in Herman Childrens Hospital little brain activity....Please pray...

    I will keep you posted. THis is a friends at work little relative.

  8. someone forgot their AI tape......

    O well.......

  9. Pherst........

    Wonderful Fabulous THURSDAY!

    God is so AWESOME.......

    A lot of trouble has seemed to find me in certain areas of my life..........and He is so kool.

    I have learned alot.....and because of all the pain involved..
    I wont soon forget.....

    I didn't understand why....but I know I am being groomed by the Big Guy......

    And this morning He told me.

    By the least severe means.....He wants me to learn what He wants me to learn....and He will allow whatever it takes for me to learn those certain things......

    And because He loves me....He has mercy on me.......that is why, as MIKE BICKLE says "by the least severe means" for me to GET IT!

    MY DADDY is the best........

    I GOT IT......I sure hope I do..

  10. Dolittle is the BEST!

    Jess.....Friday Morning there will be a gift on your front porch....
    or if I space will be there after work.

    STEF/Arberto......mysterious has been solved and has been found and dealt with.

    Izzy will be duct taped upon entering the premises in the near future.

    N8palm........ANYONE ELSE.......
    HOW was TUESDAY NIGHT? Was it awesome or what?

    Maybe I can listen to it on the


  11. Harvy, HEY OLD WISE ONE,

    (Harvy is way OLDER THAN me for the next 3 weeks............then who knows...)

    Can I pick up the Cavier and Lobster in the Morning on my way out? About 5am? or maybe 8am?

    Does that sound GOOD?

    Have a great day!

  12. J- look on your porch....
    apparently you need the tape today.

    This should halp a TAD with the Mommy Guilt..

  13. i was tempted to buy a tshirt
    (for sumbuddy)
    I saw yesterday that said
    "born again pagan"


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