Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Just went back and read the archive for September 21st, 2005... truly hilarious.

Well... everybody is crashed out around here. They are normally awake at the crack of dawn, so here I sit, wide awake and alone. But hey! who's complaining? I am being vewwy vewwy quiet.
Toby took one drink of his breastmilk bottle and gave me a big smile... he seems to really like it and to be feeling better. It makes me so happy... I didn't want to wean him. Sorry to anyone who is tripped out by nursing talk. This is my life...

Yesterday around 11 they took off Brynn's cannula. They told me they will put it back if she has 6 apneas. Ha! She only had one and the nurse said it was her fault, how she was positioned. So that didn't even count. So, my 1 week old 2 and a half pound baby is breathing completely on her own. The nursing staff is starting to call her an overachiever... =)
What will be funny is if she just keeps sailing right through everything... she is too little to take home. So she will just have to hang out up there and grow. (More breastfeeding talk). Babies don't develop the suck reflex in the womb until 32-33 weeks. So they don't typically let them try to nurse until then, which is a week or 2 away. We'll see if she speeds that up too. It wouldn't surprise me.

Oh I am crazy about my wrinkly little bug eyed girl baby. I can't wait to get her home and into our lives.

Of course, the princess has to have a hair bow.


  1. HOW CUTE! She looks to peaceful!

  2. What an amazing little gal!
    (Jess - please phone me when you get a sec...)

  3. Cute! Awesome she only had one false apnea!

  4. Someone put a bag of Chinese "Lucky Candy" on the counter in our area. I got one and it is NASTY NASTY NASTY! YUCK!

    If that's the taste of luck... no thanks!

  5. Josh, haven't you been to Thailand (3X), China (2X), Japan, or Singapore like me? ALL asian deserts are gross (and I just kept trying them hoping to find one that worked...never could). Generic fortune cookies (as bland as they are) are as good as it gets...

  6. So they make great entrees, but horrible deserts.

  7. Danish Pagan said......

    I really do like Chinese Food and even Danes can eat at Tai Pai!

  8. Speaking of luck:

    "I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have."
    - Thomas Jefferson

  9. that thomas jefferson was full of it

  10. You're full of it... and I mean IT.

  11. hardcore heartburn is the suckiest thing in the entire world!!!

  12. 2-22
    all signed up for mcf men's encounter this weekend?

  13. ladies mcf encounter in March!
    bring a friend

  14. The easiest way to avoid heartburn for ME in the past has been.......

    To Fast for 24 hours....NOTHING but WATER Drink Water and Juice for 24 hours....still no food....

    eat only things in their natural states......24-48 hours....along with H2O/JUice

    Vegetables........) whatever else GOD O.K.s)

    Then gradually add the other foods you like to eat but avoid anything that GOD puts a check in your spirit about...

    WHAT do you think of that Norwegian?

  15. speaking of fasting
    it's time for lunch!
    or not....

    my fasting story is .......


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