Friday, February 23, 2007

Still at home this morning... VKG (or Danish Pagan, if you prefer) will be here around 10 and I shall fly to the NICU.

This is hard. No matter where I am, I'm not really there. I have children here, and there, and in heaven. I'll settle for 3 in one place, you know?

I haven't called for an update... I like to be surprised when good things happen.

Feeling a little contemplative this morning... need a good cry. There's this ache in my chest and I just want it to be right again.

Richy took the laptop to Fresno, and mine is at the doctor until I feel like driving to 1960 to pick her up. (translation:never)
So somebody else can update in the comments later today.


  1. such grace and excellent progress reports. strength and peace for you and your family today

  2. I feel the same strange ache. I want to cry too. Maybe it is the weather.

  3. drink more water
    get more sleep
    breathe deeply

  4. why would any Christian refer to themselves as "Danish pagan"?

  5. she is referring to pagan as BC


  7. B has lost a little more weight... a tiny amount, but she really needs to start gaining. She is doing great otherwise, though...

    and today she got to wear a SHIRT! woooohoooo

  8. B Clark

    buzz buzz....full of energy, life...and makes honey for her mama....

    bzzz bzzz bzy bee

  9. speaking of laptops...

    how many computers are in the typical American family?

    laptops, desktops?

  10. Some Pagans like to drive to 1960..

    FYI----Rob and Stefs babys all have brown/hazel beautiful eyes and Stef has pretty large oval dark eyes.......and ALL their babys were born with.........
    .........BLUE you go.


    Maybe it is the DANE in them ?

  11. Webster's defines pagan:
    1. one of a people or community observing a polytheistic religion, as the ancient Romans and Greeks.
    2. a person who is not a Christian, Jew, or Muslim; heathen.
    3. an irreligious or hedonistic person.
    4. of or pertaining to pagans or their religion.

    Perhaps you were once a "Danish pagan", but are you still one?

    If you are a professing Christian, why would you want to look back and even jokingly refer to yourself as pagan?

    Just wondering. Just passing through. Nice blog. Cute baby. Trust all goes well for everybody.

  12. hey anon... welcome to the blog. FYI, we keep it pretty lighthearted around here.
    Maybe you could adjust your "literal" filter??

  13. Well I did not mean to offend. Sorry. But truthfully, it does sound odd that a Believer would refer to him/herself as pagan. Just strikes me as weird. Also, I thought perhaps Danish pagan did not really understand the origin of pagan & just wanted to enlighten him/her.

    I'm Carole. I live in Colfax, CA. It's in the foothills of the Sierras. Really pretty here. I attend a non-denom church.

    Again, just passing through. Good-bye.

  14. the rooster man and his chickadee are coming to my house for dinner and moosic...


    i need to clean it up a bit... but alas, no energy to be found...

    hope they can handle a messy house...



  15. Your little baby girl is amazing! Simply amazing! You can do this! Soon your little Brynn will be home, sitting in a high chair throwing food on the floor to see what happens. See the vision God has for you and your beautiful family. I hear the squeals and I see the small teeth in that beautiful little mouth. God bless you, Jess. You can do this!

  16. HEY SYLVIA! I will see you the week after the biggest day of the year..........

    End of March is the next scheduled trip.......

    March 23rd is the biggest day ever..

    AND I am praying that the BIG GUY will give me permission to blow $75....NO green light yet....

    How is Mexico? THINGS are getting better and better for those little sweet hearts.

    I miss you !

  17. FIRST!..........


    NO matter how you spell it..

    MOG coming home today!

    Cant wait to hear all about California.....

    RADrev Tuesday will be awesome as usual....but always after a big trip.....

    4 boys for 4 hours kicked my boody........WOW i must be old!

    At least I am NOT as old as the Harvester.........

  18. 4 boys... 4 hours...


    my paternal grandmuter had NINE boys and one daughter...

    i wonder how she survived. i wonder what type of woman she first was, then i did see what she became....

    the girl (who was number 7 of 10) ran off and got married at age 15, just to get outta the house...

    what are all of YOU doing this weekend?

    have you lost your following, Jess?

    Need a report from all those who are looking see if our forces are still intact...

  19. missed you at church this morning, but i know you had other things :-) on your agenda...

    how's the precious bundle of pink?

  20. She's great... basically just has to grow and learn how to eat... it may be 4 more weeks.


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