Monday, February 12, 2007

Another day.... cook, baby, cook.

So here we are, 29 w 3 d. Excellent. I am just going to lay here until I go into labor...
This weekend, Saturday night to be specific... things was happenin around here... contractions and pressure and a little panic on my part... we were waiting to call the doctor until I had some kind of count. Like how many cx an hour and such. And Richy was praying and we decided to stay home.

Once I go up there I'm probably staying. So I'm going to try to just not move until my appointment Wednesday. And I'll be 30 weeks Friday and that's much better than 29.

In other news, I've started some new embroidery on Brynn's quilt and it looks rotten. I may pull it all out and start over. Also, every night around 5 I start weeping profusely over every little thing... there seems to be a pattern developing. By 6-ish, I feel much better. But I mention this because the quilt hate generally begins in the bad hour.


  1. fYeah! almost 30 weeks.

    What is Toby holding?

  2. Jessica

    Doesn't general so's chicken sound good right now??

  3. Looks like a TV remote to me. R2 is giving him leasons on how to watch Veggie Tales.

  4. sweet picture.
    looks like toby is holding a videogame....

    Chinese food to the rescue!

  5. mmmm...

    Rob and I and some peeps had chinese food last night. Good stuff

    the sushi wasn't much to speak of though. Although it wasn't very fresh.

  6. what the heck Napalm!

    You did not have chinese last night!
    My husband specifically told me that you guys were at Taco Bell

    Either he is a big fat liar pants... or there has been some strange misunderstanding.

    I will call him now.

  7. i suspect he is a big fat liar pants

  8. Fact of the Day
    There are 142,000 recognized species of moths, and scientists estmate that there are thousands more yet to be discovered.

    What! That many types of moths!

  9. But really, what's the difference in Taco Bell and Chinese? One has a dog for a mascot, the other uses a dogs to .....

  10. woman... I said I would get YOU some taco bell on the way home... and THAT is EXACTLY what I did.. :) plus you wouldnt want any of that yellowish general so's anyway... sweety i am so sorry that you get confused so easily. .just go back to bed sweety shhhhh... go to sleep

  11. bbaaahhahahahahaahaha!!!!

    That...was among the funniest things I've heard/read all day.

  12. me thinks every1 should go back to bed

  13. does that general know you have been eating his chickens?

  14. nuts... so much for waiting... looks like I'm off to the hospital

  15. : ( wow, going this afternoon..
    to stay until she comes??

  16. Praying! Hope you can come home soon.

  17. This is lisa. Can't sign in. Don't know why.

    Praying for you and your family. =)

    I text messaged Eva for an update, and she had me call her.

    AWESOME NEWS- Jessica is still only dilated at 2 cm!! Praise God she hasn't progressed any from this!!

    They went to the hospital because her contractions were keeping up at about 6 minutes apart for an hour. The contractions stopped some time after arriving, but then started back up again, and then calmed again. Jessica will stay in the hospital for at least a couple days for monitoring. They don't plan to give her any new meds yet, but if the contractions start going again they'll give her magnesium. She's being moved to a room. Richy is with her. Linda has R2 and Toby, and they're doing fine.

    The best part is she's still at 2 cm, but keep praying. Praise the Lord!

  19. Eva said she will give another update when she gets home later.

  20. Praying for Jess and Richy...

    As far as moths, you could ask my dad. He's the foremost lepidopterist in Oklahoma...

  21. Moths..........

    Who said anything about MOTHS?

    Ask Jessica how much I like MOTHS..
    Ask any of my kids.....

    THEY will tell you about MOTHS in MY HOUSE!


  22. Jessica is smiling and sewing and peaceful.....

    She had a few-- 5 minutes apart before I left....SHE looks really good....She is such a beautiful girl...

    Richy is staying the night and planning on heading to work in the morning..coming to the hospital for lunch etc.....

    Poor little Jessica isn't allowed to eat ANYTHING while they are monitoring her for 24 hours.

    They will make more decisions at that point....

    Basically Josh covered it..

    Richy is hoping for magnesium..
    but apparently they wont give her that interveinously unless they get closer and severe...

    God give them WISDOM!

    WE are praying for MARCH....March MARCH.......

    Every day is a awesome gift from GOD....HE is so wonderful.

  23. Richy is going to figure out a way for her to get the internet if they dont send her home......

    She will have lots to read and catch up on.

    And lots of eating to make up for too....

    She has embroidered Ps 9:10-11 or Proverbs 9:10-11 or maybe it was ...

    Dad gummit.....

    I know it had "P"s in it and "9"s

    O well, it looks great......Her quilt is coming along..almost finished......and very cute.

    I wish I knew how to post a pic....

    I will email Josh a pic of the Quilt and see if he can post it.

    Jess can post the rest of the pics when she gets her laptop.

  24. and me frista!

    i can't belive i'm up so late

    our recording is almost finished...
    turning out better than expected...

    now for hannah to learn cello and play some embellishments for one of Linds' songs... she should be able to conquer the cello or is it "chello" by thursday.

    jess, i'm so glad you're hanging in there...

    i'm sure the boys are doing well with both their grandmaws...

    good night, good morning all...

  25. jess went into labor early this morning. We prayed, and waiting for the updates...

  26. Good Morning everyone!!!!
    Brynn was born this morning at 5:20 am! I hear she is Beautiful with a full head of black hair.
    She is breathing very well but was placed on a ventilator anyway for 24 hours just for the transition. All seems well and peacful at the hospital. The Clarks are doing GREAT.

    Thank you, thank you sweet Jesus for another beautiful clark baby.

    16 in

  27. 2/13/2007
    hello Brynn!
    Good job Jess!
    Excellent report!

  28. People don't notice whether it's winter or summer when they're happy.

    Anton Chekhov (1860-1904)
    Writer and physician

    Day before Valentine's and Spring time is coming!

  29. What a beautiful precious little girl.

    Her welcome into this world was filled with God's PEACE and JOY!

    It whispered out of the delivery room as she was being born.

    She is a tad smaller than Mercedes was, but she looks bigger.

    She has beautiful coloring and a head full of dark hair like TOBY did.

    She is breathing great. Everything is wonderful. Mommy and Daddy are resting and the new little baby girl is getting all cleaned up and checked out.

    She is a wonderful little miracle and GOD is so AWESOME!

    What a wonderful day for a birthday.

    Jessica is back to her good old tired of laying around.

    The nurse was asking her a bunch of questions for her paper work..and she asked her for the date of her LAST delivery....and Jess said TODAY!

    She is such a WIT.

  30. I was gonna post and say I just talked Eva. Yep, what she said.

    Happy Birthday, Brynn! Praise the Lord for her good health!

    Brynn- 2 days before Valentine's Day
    Keith- 3 days before Easter
    Toby- couple days after Christmas
    Issac Diaz- just before Christmas
    Aaron (Daniel Sparks)- Christmas Eve
    Paul (a friend here)- 2 days before Thanksgiving.

  31. Got the quilt pic Eva sent. The only way I can put a pic on Jessica's blog is as my profile pic, but it has to be smaller than 50k. The pic was so big I can only get it to go down to 67k, so it'll have to wait till Jess can post some. They look great!

  32. 1 John 3:1,2
    Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God: therefore the world knoweth us not, because it knew Him not. Beloved, now are we the sons of God.

  33. Caleb DEC 22nd
    Graceson DEC 26th


    MARCH 23rd.....BEST DAY EVER

  34. Brynn is ONE day before VALENTINES
    DAY.....JOSH....that is tomorrow

    If you think it is the 15th, you may end up in the dog house with ARBERTO

  35. Happy Birthday Brynn!!!

  36. Isaac James Allen
    4/6/2006 will be one
    (same day as my oldest brother's, Rick, Bday)
    and one year since John's miracle of recovery!

  37. Arberto is man enough to hold down the dog house on his own. I'll celebrate V-Day tomorrow.

    Brynn- uno day fore V-day.

  38. 4/6 which is Good Friday this year!
    we were suppose to have this day off from school, but we lost it due to "weather day" in Jan.

  39. 1 year babies:
    4/6 for Isaac James
    4/14 for Keith Arden

  40. Happy Birthday, little Brynn girl!
    Glad you are breathing well!!
    Looking forward to seeing you. : )

    Happy for you, Richy & Jess.

  41. Funny, Isaac's 1st on Good Friday..
    Keith was born on it..
    Keith's 2nd will be ON Easter : )

  42. Today is my rebirthday...

    3 years ago today i was saved.

    thats pretty awesome...I mean...brynn and I share a special day

  43. very special
    timing is cool

  44. Congratulations! And Happy Birthday Brynn! I guess the next to deliver should be D'Ana!

  45. Congratulations and welcome Brynn!!! Sounds like a great birth and a beautiful baby. Can't wait to see pics. :0)

  46. Happy rebirth, Napalm!!!
    3 years of being held & learning.

  47. awww! happy birthday, little brynn! can't wait to meet you!

    my love to you, jess! great job delivering a beautiful girl!

  48. thanks peeps...

    and congrats to Richy and Jess,

    Little Brynn...make sure to beat on your brothers. And make sure they take care of you when you're older. But don't get mad when they put worms in your hair...and don't get mad when they have a "sit down" with your boyfriends...

    ;) Just kidding parents...sorta

    Bedste, have you sprouted a new bush/tree thing that I can't spell?

  49. Interesting quote, what do you think?

    "Life has taught us that love does not consist in gazing at each other but in looking outward together in the same direction."
    - Antoine de Saint-Exupery

  50. I dated a girl who's father took me out to dinner and had a "sit down" talk with me. I greatly respected him caring about his daughter and doing that.

    Shannon's dad also asked me many questions.

  51. Richy and Jessica are going home tonight!

    Jess says the hospital is great and all but she misses her R2 and Bobi. And her bed.

  52. Brynn is coming with them?

    or no?


  53. NO BRYNN is staying put.

    Jess misses R2 and TOBY

    Brynn will be there for a very short season...4-8 weeks.

    She is strong and awesome and wonderfully made.


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