Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Dr Marvin? Dr Leo Marvin?

So. For anyone who missed the goings-on yesterday... it was that part of the show where we realize my cervix is open and if I'm not careful, the baby will fall out.
Well, not exactly. But contractions are the enemy. I have gone on a new drug, Procardia... it's actually a heart drug but it is supoosed to help relax the uterine muscles and help prevent preterm delivery. I have to take it every 6 hours, even overnight. So far, it seems to be helping. I know I've had less contractions. I also got Ambien and slept soundly for the first time in weeks.
If I was doing this for money, it wouldn't be worth it. But for a baby.... small price.

Even so, though. Definitely bringing up the issue of future pregnancies/no future pregnancies. We feel strongly about the way God has directed us this far... just seems like future pregnancies would be too difficult to manage with the army we are amassing.
Anyhoo. Richy took the day off today to regroup and make upstairs self-sustaining... and to pray.

See, the whole thing is pretty much out of our hands. We're doing the medicine... taking Baby Steps... really.. we're doing the work! But do we have a week, or a month, or 2 months?? Nobody knows, except God and maybe Dionne Warwick.

You may be wondering how I am emotionally. Well, I am going into isolation, a little. Typically after these reports I need a day or two to process my " new normal" and can't or won't really try to explain that to anyone. It's hard to define this time. I have to figure it out myself. I feel disappointed that there is a struggle. Excited that we are already this far. Wondering and dreading a little making it weeks more. A little paranoid about every contraction or twinge... But really, there's so much peace.

So today, I will work on my quilt. I'm embroidering her initials on one square. I was taking my time so I would have lots of projects to keep me busy for 8 weeks. I'm sewing a little faster now. =)

Thanks for the prayers. You guys are a lifeline.


  1. all things work together for good...
    you got a fridge and a laptop and a strong peace!

    hope and love to you!

  2. "Calmness is the cradle of power." -- Josiah Gilbert Holland

  3. Good idea for Richy to take the day off for everything.

    Praying for you all to be filled with peace, hope, and faith!

  4. you're in my prayers, and i have full confidence that your daughter is safe

  5. clean fridge...drying out on the driveway. I'd let this thing completely dry before plugging it in...

    be cool about fiiiiiire saftey...be cool!

  6. Jessica,
    I'm sorry you have to lie down so much again on this baby.
    Hope God keeps her in quite a bit longer. : )
    Glad you have a fridge upstairs.. ahh, cold drinks are nice!!

  7. so, who keeps up with the boys while you are "upstairs"... do you have someone with you most days when r1 is gone? i'm sorry i'm not so informed... are you able to supervise while bed/couch-ridden? what can be done? is your mama with you some?

    josh... we don't need any freeway baby stories in this blog...seriously!!!

    maybe natron can babysit the boys... :-) he's got the time right now! :-)

  8. and shannon - i hope jess is not laying down "on" this baby...

    tee hee

    ya'll i've had really bad days at work the past two days and would appreciate prayer for continued strength...and for God's love and peace to flow through me...in the midst of adversity...

  9. Love you Jess......you are in my prayers.

    From someone who has just been reading!

  10. marnin all!

    What a GREAT DAY to lay around and embroider........

    Peace Peace Peace........

    God is FANTASTIC!


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