Thursday, February 22, 2007

late update

Sorry for no post today... I have been driving around in a car... a very surreal experience after laying down for 3 months...
I went to Kohl's to make a return for the MOG, and the library... or li-bary if you prefer. Then back to the NICU to see my girl.
She lost a tiny amount of weight today, but her breathing is good and they have increased the amount she is being fed. If she tolerates this amount, they will stop her IV fluids... all steps on the road to breastfeeding, growing and going home!

In other news, no news. Which as they say, is good news. So there you go.


  1. recall how many days Ezekial had to lay on his left side then the right side?

  2. Good Morning!

    ARe you at SCHOOL BETH?

    it is so beautiful outside..

    Too pretty to be sittin in the house washing dishes and watching Spiderman

  3. or washing spiderman and watching the dishes? all a matter of perspective

  4. make sure you take pictures of my babies eating dirt... i love em

  5. I just met with a guy who is native Iranian and is moving back to Tehran soon to take care of his mother. As we were talking he seemed to look negative toward the “dictatorship” in Iran, and seemed fairly moderate. When we were done with business I decided to ask him what he thought about the Iran nuclear issues. Not what I expected, I sat here for almost 10 minutes only saying a couple words as he talked about Iran, the US, Israel, Muslims, Christians, using religion in politics, and other things very passionately, with his face shaking a couple times as he talked. He wasn’t the kind of person to try to counter, nor did I have the time, but it was quite an “interesting” experience.

  6. lovely day indeed, even if I do have to be in school....not too bad of a gig

    gotta go!

  7. how bout brittney's bald head?

  8. I don't keep up with anything celeb, don't know anything about a bald head.

    I've been a little sick the last couple days. I just talked to people all day today, and I think I losing my voice.

  9. is that an Ezekial of the Bible story? i don't know it. Reference, please?

    What's happening tonight?

    I'm just glad to be home...

    Anyone going to see AMAZING GRACE at the movie show???

    John and J have listened to the radio dramas that Focus on the Family produced...and were totally "taken" with the story.

    I can't wait to see the movie!!!

    Based on true story of WILLIAM WILBERFORCE!!! ok - seriously, you've gotta go see it this weekend... and i never promote movies...

    (i haven't seen it yet, but if Focus recommended it, and the radio drama is that good, it should be good)

    gotta get going and get something done at home tonight.

    love to all

  10. what's a MOG?
    mother of god?
    my old goose?
    mean old guy?

  11. a Man of God

    I feel so bad for Britney. She needs Jesus so badly.


  13. Josh - when in doubt (or short on time): conversion by the sword. (It worked during the crusades!)
    Seriously, the sword = The WORD. Always try to wrap up with something that will divide bone from marrow...
    Get well soon...hey, you should drive down to Fresno this weekend to see Radiant!

  14. I thought the saying was "cleave flesh from bone"

    but I suppose separating marrow from bone would be fairly painful as well...

  15. Hebrews 4:12
    depending on the version...NIV = "joint from marrow" ...actually almost all translations


  17. yes the Biblical Ezekiel was told to lay on his side (300 something days on his left side and 4o something days on his right side)for the number of days that Israel was away from God...or something like that

    i like N8's definitely a ministry that you do Josh...


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