Monday, February 19, 2007

Monday marnin

First, my Brynn update... then random blathering...
She's still on the nasal cannula, but they have taken down the pressure she is receiving through it... she is on 1 liter now... so that is a great step! She's just getting room air through it, no extra oxygen.
I have been holding her for several hours every day... they put her on me and we zip her up inside my jacket or shirt, and she loves it... it's called kangaroo care. It's amazing how much being held actually helps these babies physically.
They've also doubled the amount of breastmilk she's getting every 3 hours... right now everything is tube fed, but hopefully in 2 weeks or so we'll be able to start to practice nursing. No weight gain today, she lost 12 grams, which is like a third of an ounce, so not a big deal. She is kicking back in her isolette right now, eyes open, one foot extended over the top of the little snuggly blanket nest they've made her. She looks very comfy, despite all the wires and the IV in her head. So I'm going to wait a while before I get her out.

In other news, we bought a minivan!! Oh yeah... and it is gorgeous. It is technically for me, but I might have to wrestle the keys from the MOG's cold dead hands... It's a 2006 Toyota Sienna, and we got a great deal on it because it was a demo.

I was going to pontificate on my emotional and spiritual condition... but I don't really feel like doing that anymore. Seems less urgent now than 3 o clock this morning...

So there you go.

and now, some pix
The requested face shot... we are so glad she has the mask off now and we can see her! Oh, and we call the scalp IV a "party hat"

holding Mommy's "hand". This one is a good view of how small she is.

The other guys... goobers


  1. phersty

    great news on the van! what year? color?

  2. I saw a sweet news report this morning about a baby girl born at 21 weeks. I think she was 14 ounces at birth & she is going home tomorrow (4lbs now). She is doing very, very well.

  3. Good Marnin! She is so tiny! So cute! I heard you where getting a mini van. Now you are the quintessential soccer mom!!!!

  4. hey hey, beat 'cha

  5. Nice photos of the kids & congrats on the minivan.

  6. triple-way tie for pherst....i concede to thurd

  7. except that anoms are non-real;
    technically, in the real blog world that will make me #1 today...

  8. Awesome pics! What color are her eyes?

  9. Hey girlie! I'm real & I know you - so watch out! I know where you live, too. LOL!

  10. if i were not a Christian, I might take offense! humph!

  11. that little Keith sure is a good-looking boy
    what a cutie

  12. peace and love
    power love and a sound mind

  13. anom obviously has good taste
    for a non-person

  14. maybe we need anom anonymous!

    "we can help you become a real person in less than 5 months and for only $499"

  15. In Christ I am NOT anon!

  16. Databases running veeeerrrryyy slow at work.

    Thanks for the Keith comment anon, who you be?

    I already know you're a female.

  17. For those that just have to know, rainmaker44@... turned out to be a prior employee that I helped retire last summer. Because of the address, I assumed it was someone I knew personally and said "who you be?" DOPE!

  18. Hey Dopey........when you help someone that code for .... something else?

    Keith is a cutey pie....

    Has his grandparents in TEX gotten to cuddle him yet?

    YOUR mother has been looking forward to being a grandma for a loooooong time.

    Brynny looks better and better every time I see her.

    She has good color and looks like her mother.

    I thought she looked like TOBY, and she does a tad.....but she has mommys ears and mommys eyes and mommys little face.

    Such a cute little Princess....

  19. I not like this new BLOG....

    Grumbling and Complaining.....

    I better stop NOW!

    What ever happened to Pollyanna?

    I used to be accused of that....

    NOW when I really listen.....I hear MY voice....grumbling and complaining...ME!

  20. I would like to know how to make a pic on "Eva" and it wont let me "edit" my profile....It says I need a google account and I enter my gmail and it doesn't take it says I have wrong password etc.

    Once I am in as the VG it forgets me every time I leave for a couple hours and come back.

    Have to sign in BEFORE I comment or be eva......

    Make sense?
    JUST ME?

  21. JESS

    If you save all of your BLOG entries for the last 2 pretty much HAVE a great start to a wonderful BOOK.

  22. Retire means retire... I'm not killing people.

    Parents in TX may not see Keith till this Christmas. They thought it better to bring him 2007, than 2006, because he'll remember them better since he'll be older.

    It's just you.

  23. I meant did you FIRE him?

    Code for "helping him to retire?"

  24. Nope, I just help people retire. Sometimes they are being laid off and will go ahead start their retirement. Most times they've worked for the company 20 - 35 years (some even over 40 years) and it's just time to retire. I don't have the power to fire anyone.

  25. Hey! We got a minivan, too!! I am SOOO excited! 2004 Chrystler Town and Country. Jade in color and very low miles. Perfect inside and out -- someone took really good care of it.

    It was my Valentine's Day present --sort of. We got it the day before.

    We have needed more space for the boys for so long! Nate is very excited to have the backseat all to himself! He was just crammed between the two carseats with just a lapbelt. After seeing some very sad stories online about children and the importance of carseats, we decided to find something that could fit all three in carseats. And God provided. YAY!

  26. Good to see you Sunday, Jess! Missed seein of ya. =)

    Brynn is so cute. I wouldn't get up either.

    I never wanted to be a soccer mom. Guess I'm well on my way. But I'm OK with that now.

  27. Well, for what it's worth...



  28. Good news all........

    JAN SCOTT tore apart my living room and found the remote control.

    It has been MISSING since Tobias was allowed to play with it (Sunday FEB 11)

    WORD to the WISE......HIDE your own remote up HIGH or your toddler will do it for you....really low...

    It is heck having to get a flash light and lay on the floor to see the tv/vcr so you can add a day to your timer for AMERICAN IDOL..

    What did we do before the REMOTE?

    I do not watch but two or three programs a week....20/20 Dateline and 48 hours....but it makes a difference when you have to FF manually......LAZY and SPOILED I know I know.

  29. I love anoms too

    brynn is already one week!
    kangaroo care is comforting and hoppy


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