Saturday, September 3, 2005


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One kind of bummer thing about bedrest is that weekends aren't really
any different.
Now, weekends have always been wierd in my life. When we were youth
pastors, we worked all weekend... Friday night church, Saturdays doing
stuff with youth or (gulp) visitation... and then Sundays ALLLLLLLL
day. So the weekend was kinda Monday. At least that was Richy's day
With Radiant, it's whenever there's a break from Radiant work... Many
times Richy and I have made reference to "last weekend" referring to
And when you're on the road, there's no weekend. The only thing that
changes is dressing up a little for Sunday services. But you go to
church every day, pretty much.

Despite the variety of weekends, at least there was a day that was
different. Now they all appear the same -- a couple exceptions....
doctor appointments and shots.

Today I had breakfast. And medicine. Now I'm laying in bed. I will make
uncounted treks to the restroom, finish 2 novels, check my blog
obsessively, have lunch, repeat. 6:30 Everybody Loves Raymond.
And I will be kicked repeatedly from the inside and climbed over and
smooched from the outside. R2 is taking great joy in Mommy going
nite-nite all the time. He crawls over me like I'm a playground, and
rubs his syrupy little face and hands on my face. He elbows me in the
belly and laughs when I say "OOh!" He talks rapturous affectionate baby
gibberish. Then he points repeatedly to the TV. Sometimes he disappears
for a long time, and I hear him playing piano with his daddy, or I just
don't hear anything for a long time, and then something big and heavy
falls down and he casually comes back in my room and points at the TV.

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