Friday, September 9, 2005


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feeling pretty good today, no real contractions since yesterday
afternoon. Last night Leah and Nate came over bearing gifts.
and Mama's peach cobbler. I wish I had some more. (SUBTLE HINT)
then I went to bed and I was waiting until 10:30 to watch Everybody
Loves Raymond and then all the sudden it was 4:30 and the room was
pitch black. Verrrrry mysterious. Similar to all those times I fell
asleep in my parent's bed and woke up upstairs, in my room, in the
morning. I think I must have some mysterious sleep-transport ability.

So I slept great and I feel better today, emotionally. Thanks for the
prayers. Now somebody pray for Josh. What a face!

oh and sometime today a woman named Brandy is going to come and stick
me in the hip with a large needle. I just know it.

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