Friday, September 23, 2005

hurricane Kai...

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We're here at Leah and Nate's. Once we found out that it would take us
12-15 hours to get to S-port, plus the fuel issues... we decided not to
go. PRAISE GOD because that area of 59 N is a quagmire now,,, I was
watching the news last night and could not get over my gratefulness to
be in a house... with my family.
Decided not to stay with the Juans once they did a mandatory evac of
Liberty Cty... across the street.

So here we are. Kai is still in a holding pattern, we were all hoping
he would come last night. He is so big now I can see his facial
expressions through Leah's shirt. ;-)
If he comes soon, they can come back here and spend the night at
home... most likely it will be at the birthing center.
We plan to sleep in the hallway, the safest place.

on a philosphical note; when you're packing up to leave and you don't
know if your house will be there when you get back.. it's amazing how
only a few things matter... guess we don't have much, really.
Everything we needed fit in our car.

blogging till the big one comes

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