Wednesday, September 21, 2005

put your head between your knees

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and kiss your butt good-bye...

Hurricane Rita is coming right here for Midway Texas. First Pearland,
then Midway. All hope is lost.

Richy's going to town today to buy supplies. Worse case scenario, we
have a LOT of cranapple juice we can drink, and maybe we'll eat
Thumper. (natalie's dog)

Richy and my mom love stuff like this. They don't want anybody to get
hurt, but they really hope some trees fall down and maybe a cow flies
by or something. Richy reads the projected path all the time and says
"yep." that's all... unless I act like I heard him.

IF Rita comes as it looks like she will, Leah will probably have a baby
in a hurricane. She said she was already doing an old-timey birth, she
might as well do it by candlelight. But how will Nate boil water?
That's what husbands do at old-timey births... we'll have to wait and

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