Tuesday, September 20, 2005

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I have an ultrasound today... really just a cervical ultrasound which
is not very interesting to watch. Except every now and then it
accidentally shows Toby which is a happy thing.

Continue to pray for me... yesterday was a little more of a battle
although we did have victory.

Post away, happy bloggers... I love to come home after an appointment
and have a good conversation already going.

My appointment went ok. besides the fact that I have to register at the hospital EVERY time including consent forms and hospital bracelet... then wait ... times infinity
then I finally get my u/s.
Well, Toby looks great. He is becoming very abusive of me, however, with kicks that shock me at times. He and R2 are definitely going to the mat ASAP when he arrives.
Today he was doing "the cute show" where he grabs his feet and rubs his head and waves his little fingers at the screen. It's in the blood, folks.
Don't know how my cervix is, doctor has to "read" the report and tell me.
Richy (the 1st) is very good at reading ultrasounds. He always says there's the femur and things at the same time as the tech. Then they ask if he's a doctor. They ask me that when I pronounce medicines correctly. Ahhh, cheap thrills.

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