Thursday, September 1, 2005

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Every day I'm reminded that I could have the career of my choice, or
meet ....attractive... singles in my area. I could receive
complimentary golf clubs, and I need to pick up some money that is
waiting for me.
Whoever is supposed to be receiving these emails leads a much more
exciting life than I do. But it is not free of affliction. Because I
could also buy Prozac or (gulp) Viagra at ROCK BOTTOM PRICES. Hmmmm....
and how do they know my name?
JESSICA, pick up your gold and diamonds TODAY...

Medical report: I feel ok. I haven't taken my first pill yet today and
thus have not yet developed the shakes. Richy and Juan are doing some
more stuff today... I have not been advised of the plan.

I may meet a single in my area today, if he comes over to help his dad
with the deck.

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