Tuesday, September 27, 2005

appointment today...

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I'll update later...

Is everybody back yet from Rita?

Everything looks good! Praise God! I have an additional appt next week to start having this test (fetal fibronectin) that should show if I'm at risk for delivery in the following 2 weeks... whatever. I'll do what they tell me, but the real report I'm listening to is Jesus...

On the way home, my weekly special treat of fast food in the car... Taco Bell today... act in haste repent at leisure, as they say.
The problem with 7 layer burritos: well, first; rice. There's too much rice. I just get a 6 layer. But even then, unless you have a skilled fast food employee like many of my nieces and nephews... there's the glop problem. It should (in a perfect world) be evenly layered ingredients... but nooooo. First, 3 inches of lettuce and beans, then at the very bottom cheese followed by sour cream and "guac". oh , and I guess they count tomatoes as a layer... up with the lettuce/bean combo.
by the time you get to the "guac" layer, you are too ill to finish. It's a sad thing.

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