Wednesday, June 9, 2010

what you wonder about adoption

Adoption is confusing to a lot of people. It’s intimidating, the time, the paperwork, the money and the fear of not loving a non-biological child. Oh, and the concern that you may be adopting a hell-spawn that will terrorize you and end up having glowing red eyes and kill your pets.

Then there’s the questions about the birth family. Are they crazed psycho crackheads who will stalk you and secretly live in your garage for 4 years and then “take the baby back”?

And why does it cost so much? How could anyone ever adopt when figures are being thrown around are $20,000 to $40,000? Should people adopt when they can’t “afford” to pay for a baby? Why should you contribute to someone else’s adoption?

The overarching questions are, why adopt? Who should adopt? Who should not adopt? What is our Biblical responsibility toward orphans?

I’ll talk about these over the next couple of days, and other questions you may have. If you have things you wonder, just type them in the comments and I will attempt to answer them. Be anonymous if it makes you feel better.

Over the last week, I have been in a whirlwind of explaining adoption to family and friends, and there’s lots of questions out there- so shoot.

Worse case scenario, I have to google “What percentage of birthparents are in fact, robots?” and get back to you.


  1. ok...I'll get the ball rolling, some people seem to think that you should only adopt if you are a "white picket fence" type of family, that can afford all new stuff for your baby. I know some members of my family would probably not be down with me adopting due to my financial situation. With you guys being missionaries that raise support for different things (including adoptions) I thought you would be the perfect person to tell me how to address this! Thanks!

    Sincerely, I'm gonna adopt.

  2. yesterday was very enlightening talking about all the adoption questions. It just seems so simple. Its like they said in the pixar movie Robots. " see a need, fill a need" Just seems like money has to complicate it. everyone is looking to make a buck while there are good homes out there willing to take in children to love but are intimidated by that 20-40,000 that come with it!

    I'm praying to an adoption movement to come to THIS area! I mean IT MUST! being here next to this HUGE abortion clinic that is just SOOOO ACCESSIBLE to people that we have to make the other option JUST AS ACCESSIBLE!

  3. I have possibly a controversial question. I would like to adopt. I also believe in spanking. As a last resort to be used sparingly, but nonetheless, i believe in spanking. It is my understanding that cps adoptive families have to agree not to spank the adopted/foster children. I understand why this rule is in place, but i don't understand how the consequence for a specific action for my birth children should be one thing but for my adopted children another. Have you thought about this? What's your take?

    Sincerely, i want to adopt

  4. So, my big question on adopting is how ethical is it to adopt as a single? I find my self now on the other side of 30, unintentionally single, really wanting to be a mom, and whole heartedly on board with adoption (I have an adopted brother thru the foster program)

    Is it biblically ethical? Is it better for a child to be in a loving home environment with one parent than to be in the foster program or an orphanage?

    What's your take?

  5. Dear I want to adopt......

    Please note that CPS's rules do not apply after adoption is finalized. The child would no longer be under states custody and would have no more say so than your own children.
    However, as a parent who has fostered other children, and has family members children in states custody now, please let me tell you that TX is DESPERATE for foster homes and even for foster to adopt homes. There is a major shortage of foster homes! And, from my experience not everyone follows the "rules" on spanking. The rule is there for a reason, and understandably so. Just remember that there is a time and place for EVERYTHING!

  6. Please note that here is another predisposition that most people have.......Should you adopt if you really do not have a SET income?(I mean missionaries, or self-employed, etc.)

    I believe that the answer to I am single should I adopt, and I may not have a set income should I adopt are the same......YES!

    Bible says...whatever you've done unto the least of these, you have done it unto Me.

    Here's an even better one, can't trust Jess's answers, or my opinion.....PRAY!

    God's word says.....when you seek Him with your WHOLE heart, you will find Him. Also, seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be opened.

    This is basic...Richy and Jess are putting feet to where their faith has been for years, and God can and will give you the same measure!


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