Tuesday, June 8, 2010

about the BABY

The short story is, we're matched! But you want the long story, don't you? Voyeurs.

I don't really have a long story yet. We were told about this potential baby/mom combo a week or two ago, and then yesterday she viewed our profile (pictures of me eating) (not really, because Tracie Loux is a rockstar profile maker) and picked us. 

(*fireworks*) The baby is a biracial boy, due August 17th, and we will get him at birth. (*fireworks*)

There's a million questions and answers, some that we don't know yet, and some that we'll keep private. 

I have lived long enough now to know that things don't always work out how you plan. Regardless, I'm dreaming today. And we are really, really excited about this baby. It's kinda like finding out you're pregnant at 8 months :) 

With this very exciting announcement comes some fees that will be due soon! Please come to our banquet  THIS SATURDAY or donate online if you want to be a part!


  1. Woohoooooo!!!!!!!

    So exciting! Congratulations in advance!

  2. I plan on being in KC August 16, 17 and 18 and maybe even the 19th and the 20th...... I can not wait to get my arms around this sweet little number 14. I am so excited that I want to go out and buy a bunch of baby boy clothes or at least a new bottle...... or make a blanket..... OMG I better get moving.

  3. Maybe we should have a shower after we bring him home. OMG ...... I am so glad that you already know everything Jess..

    I am glad that you do not need any baby advice.....
    I am fresh out..

  4. ha! you can't help yourself.... I don't know about a shower... definitely after, I would think.

  5. PRAISE GOD FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW!!!! Such exciting news for you guys!

  6. Very happy for you!!!!

    Baby shower- yeah, after he's home.


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