Wednesday, June 16, 2010

lil ol Texas recap

I'm back! The enormous public outcry can stop, Beth. Fate conspired against me this weekend and killed my iPhone, followed quickly by zapping all the wi-fi I was cribbing all over the state of Texas, leaving me entirely internet-less and sending me into a sort of withdrawal. It was terribly, terribly stressful and I am greatly relieved to be back on my own personal wireless signal.

So, a recap. Saturday: dropped my phone. Then, the Lone Star Baby Banquet! Julie and Jennifer and others pulled off an amazing night, the place was so beautiful and the food was awesome. We had a much smaller turnout than expected, and I was a little bummed to not see more familiar faces, but when it was all done, we raised over $1500 and got to really share our hearts and hopefully, inspired some others to adopt and support adoption. We were so blessed by everyone who came, it was a very joyful night of friends and family.

The MOG and I got to have a night away, the last one before we are a family of 6, and then we drove back to Kansas City in the Radiant van. It was a long, long, long, sticky hot ride. I'm so glad to be back home for a couple of days before we pack back up and head to St Louis for 21 days.


  1. Thank you. ;)

    I had heard that the turn-out was kind of small, and i am so pleased that you were still able to raise that much money! God is so good. And the spiritual profit to the kingdom of God is even better!


  2. i keep looking over the fostered kids in Tx online and just praying for them. I can't wait till I get to bring one into MY HOME!
    #1 Lord I need a home =)
    #2 Bring home a foster child

  3. Thankful for all those who came out. We were hoping to raise 6 to 8 thousand dollars. But were blessed by the extravagant giving of the few! We have great friends!

    I honestly was very disappointed and saddened not to see many other familiar faces. It was hard not to take that to the gut. In addition, we had someone say, "Why support them as missionaries, if they are going to take in more children."

    1. the mentality that children are a hinderance is just sickening. 2. AS missionaries we should be taking in lots of them. 3. The general resistance to adoption by the church is so alarming, I am crazy burdened.

    Jess is being very polite, but I know she is saddened! AGAIN, we are at the same time blessed by the friends who have showed support. I also understand these issues are bigger than Jess and I! - Richy


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