Monday, June 21, 2010

Left behind: the DISEASE

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I have this pre-tour strategy of eating all the groceries in the house before leaving town. It makes for some interesting meal combinations. I have it down to an art form, but this week, fate kicked me in the menu planner. We were stricken with Hand Foot and Mouth disease. What is this, 1100 AD? maybe you're asking. Good question. I don't know anymore.

You go to bed all secure and comfortable, with your old but still technologically advanced iPhone and all of your children relatively healthy, albeit the occasional prosthetic eye or ventriculoperitoneal shunt; then the next morning you wake up to a "Go" phone from Best Buy and spotted children in the throes of a plague, or a rash, anyway.

Anyway, it delayed our journey somewhat, hacking my grocery plan all to pieces. I took the spotted ones to Walmart (sorry, germaphobes) and succumbed to multiple impulse buys, like PopIce and Doritos, because, frankly, I'm a sucker for Toby.

The disease seems to have passed us by, probably because of the Fruity Pebbles DynoBytes.

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  1. rachel had a very small case of that about a month and a half ago ~ glad its almost past!!!


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