Thursday, February 18, 2010

We're too awesome for this library

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I'm gonna tell you about storytime, but first let me sell my adoption fund a little. It's right over there and you can click on it and your money will go right into our adoption savings account, which is SO GREAT. We will use the money as soon as we raise about $2000, which will cover our application and homestudy starting fees.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled program.

In line with my goals of getting the kids out of the house, today we hit up Toddler Storytime at the library. I've tried this various times in the past, and Toby has always been a force to be reckoned with. So I wasn't totally unprepared. At the Conroe library, though, he was usually in good company, with other male hellions jumping off stuff and turning their nametags into guns...

We arrived today to find 2 sweet little girls- as in, there were only TWO other kids there and they were like, 5 year old GIRLS. They were suspicious of Toby right off the bat, and Brynn got a couple looks too, especially since she was doing her Fussy Baby impression. Toby was thrilled, though, both to be out of the house, ever, at all, and also to be around other small people that could write their names.

The teacher was a fairly stiff sort, and not really quite ready for the blunt impact of Toby+Brynn. First, they sat on the wrong side of the ABC rug, right next to the teacher instead of across from her. The reason for this was Toby needed to sit on the T square, and Brynn does what Toby does. So they got scooted across to the A and the D, which was really disturbing to Toby because he doesn't even HAVE an A in Toby and there are some other books over there and can he go and get one and his nametag isn't really sticky enough and why is he sitting on the A again and so on.

Ms. Deb started a book about cowboys, and immediately T and B scooted across the rug to be close enough to see the pictures, which, hey, makes sense to me. Ms Deb then proceeded to read 3-5 words at a time before being interrupted by Toby, who was really, really excited. About everything. This disgusted Caroline, a lot, and was kind of interesting to Cerita, who was sitting exactly where her grandma told her to sit.

Brynn alternated from being a horse, galloping round and round the alphabet, to saying things REALLY LOUD to Ms Deb like, SEE? SEE DAT HORSEY? OH, HE SWEEPY. OHHHH. LOOKIT DAT HORSEY HE SWEEPING IN HIS BED. HEY, HEY SEE DAT? Caroline, who I am not judging, but suspect to be a treasured only child, kept throwing wide eyed grimaces back to her mom. Eventually Ms Deb sang some songs, and read some more stories, and then we made a horseshoe out of foil, which was the highlight of Toby's life, and then eventually Ms Deb sang the goodbye song and we got some books and left.

It was kinda lame, but it was free, and as long as I can get over being intimated by Caroline, I think we'll go every week.

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  1. Only two other kiddos, what kind of a place is this that you live? I mean every single time I try to even walk in the door for toddler story time, the library round these parts is packed to the gills. I mean it is quite literally a zoo. If I ever showed up and there were only two kiddos, I might think that there was a contagious disease or something going around. Wow, we love story time even when it is crazy. I say you should just keep going, maybe you can liberate others who may have felt caroline's oppression and the group will grow. Too funny, and hey you can't beat free fun!


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