Monday, February 1, 2010

Germ-zapping awesomeness from SkyMall

I am not a germaphobe. In fact, I am not really concerned about germs. I mean, I would prefer that you not sneeze in my food, but the likelihood is HIGH that I have been kissing some little person with snot and only God knows what else on their face, so what the heck. Gesundheit. I've never been that germ-conscious, and by the time I had 3 kids, I gave up. Either I will avoid all other children, all the time, and we will stay fairly well, OR my kids will have friends and get sick. I'm not the type to walk around snatching sippy cups and spraying Lysol on people. So.

But... maybe you are. And maybe, when you travel, you are greatly concerned about germs. Maybe you lay awake at night, questioning the cleanliness of the lettuce you consumed at lunchtime. Maybe therapy would be helpful.

Or... you could purchase the Nano-UV wand!

For only $160, you could have this disinfecting light-saber of an awesome tool, which you could pack in your purse, nestled deep beside the Purell and the sanitizing wipes. Then, when your host served you lunch, or just handed you a cup of coffee, you could easily whip this sucker out and with a few quick zzzp-zzzzp-zzzzzzips, your food would be full of dead bacteria! problem solved! Go on, be the life of the party, charm hosts and make new friends! Especially new friends with Star Trek pins and stuff like that!

This lighthearted and completely meaningless post brought to you by SkyMall, maker of all things useful.


  1. wow.

    i read the reviews on the skymall site, and one lady said that the scanner works great on fleas that her cat leaves behind in her bed.

    this light KILLS FLEAS.

    does that scare anyone besides me? what happens if your kid thinks it's a light saber and scans his little sister?

  2. I just saw a similar product @ Costco. Skymall no longer has the corner on the market of "I can't believe they sell that" products!

    Thanks Jess, for keeping us informed and up to date on the latest and greatest un-necessary items we can spend our money on!

    For a better use of your $, go here: - I've heard this awesome band could use the funds to replace/upgrade a bunch of stolen gear

  3. I am not a germaphobe, except when I am pregnant, because when I am pregnant, I take no medication. nothing sucks worse than being sick and unable to take ANYTHING to make it better.

    My birthday is coming up, perhaps I need to add the germ killing lightsaber to the list?


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