Thursday, February 25, 2010

unimaginative blog title

First, I'll give you the adoption news- we made it over the $1000 mark today! I am so excited... I feel bad sometimes talking about the fundraising so much, but some people have said they'd like to be reminded for when their ships come in, so I'm gonna keep it coming. This $1015 came from 18 contributors, most giving 10 or 20 dollars. What a great, great blessing. Thank you so much. If you want to give, the link is over there in the left sidebar. We still need another $1k or more to be able to submit our application and start our homestudy.

I've been doing paperwork, and then paperwork, and then paperwork. If you had to do this much paperwork before... well, you know, then there would be very few children born. Anyway, it's a good thing I like filling out forms. Next up, making various and sundry copies of many many things, and then we have to get fingerprinted and then we have doctor's appointments. Anyway, that's the next couple of steps.

I spent yesterday afternoon forcing R2 to take sips from a cup of water and then spoon-feeding him enormous amounts of a slushie. We were lucky to break out of the hospital last night, after a doctor came by and asked me if I would feel safe taking him home overnight. I felt safe about it, plus R2 had gotten really sad when we moved to the new room- he had thought we were going home. So once they gave us the choice, we took it.

It was so nice to come home. I tried to talk to people but I was crazy tired. I went upstairs and stared futilely at my Facebook until 9 something, when I gave in and went to sleep. I slept solidly till about 8, and R2 (in my room) slept till like 10.

So there you go.


  1. "If you had to do this much paperwork before... well, you know, then there would be very few children born."

    No, men would become very skilled at doing paperwork. No other option.


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