Tuesday, February 23, 2010

right, about those tonsils...

You might remember last week... in fact, you really should. If, by chance, you don't, you should probably get that checked out.

Anyway, last week, we took our special-needs guy, R2, in for a tonsillectomy/adenoidectomy and ear tubes, and waited around in a cold, cold room for 2 hours before they cancelled us. The hospital had run out of beds in the ICU, which is really awful... R2 has to go straight from recovery to the ICU, because of how bad his apnea has gotten, and just because of his medical needs in general. So, they sent us home and gave us free meal vouchers. That might not sound like a good deal to you, but somewhere in my warped-God-picked-the-best-mom-for-special-needs psyche is a love for hospital food. True story.

They rescheduled us for today. So, in a couple of hours, we'll be heading up there. R2 is pretty cheery about the whole process, because last week, nobody stuck him. He just went to the hospital, put on a gown, played with toys and waited, and then got to eat lunch alone with Mommy and Daddy, with no "baby jaguars" biting his elbow or sneaking all his raisins off his plate.

So I imagine he will be in really good spirits today, until he wakes up with no tonsils or adenoids and holes punched in his ears. Then, he might be pretty unhappy. The good news is, well, one of the good things is that they're keeping us for at least 24 hours, so he can be drugged during that first day. The other good thing is, once this heals up, he will be able to really breathe freely for the first time in his life.

He is experiencing sleep apnea 38 times an hour overnight. As in, he stops breathing and wakes up every other minute or more. Poor guy. So, for that reason, I am really looking forward to this procedure.

In adoption news, the fundraising is going really well! We had 8 new contributions yesterday, taking our total donations up to $822.22! Please spread the word to your friends- tweet us, facebook for us, post the chipin widget on your blogs...

You can link straight to our fund page at http://www.tinyurl.adptfund

Or, back here to my "adopting" blog post at http://radiantjess.blogspot.com/2010/02/on-adopting-and-why-and-wherefore.html


  1. How did the surgery go?-G

  2. Woe is me...

    I must continually listen to the old praise music Jess gave me for Christmas 7 years ago...

    Alas, What should I do?...-G

  3. The surgery is done, they said he did great. Waiting now to go to recovery room...


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