Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Put some feet to that faith

I will be beginning a new feature of the ol' blog today... spotlighting adoptions once a week. The idea is, to raise awareness of some good people doing great things, and to give you an opportunity to a)send them a couple bucks and b)spread the word and c)pray.

Remember, a few weeks ago, when I said,
"Maybe you can't do it. You probably can. But okay, maybe you really can't. Then contribute to someone who can, or get involved in some other way."

Here's another way. I will be listening for stories-people that are being God's hands to children- and I will be giving you that information when I get it.

Then what? Well, dig deep Americans. Skip Starbucks for a week and donate the $20 to a family trying to raise thousands of dollars. I am going to challenge you- every family I put up here will also be receiving a donation from the MOG and me- maybe 5 bucks, maybe more, but I'm in this too. Let's do some good.

Spotlight on Adoption: Rylan's family

I found out about this family through Storing Up Treasures- they tell a bit of the backstory there. To sum it up, this foster family cared for this little boy for a while- then his biological grandparents were given the opportunity to raise him and the foster family let him go. Now, 2 years later, the little boy has some issues that make it difficult for the grandparents to raise him, and the foster family will be allowed to adopt him, but it won't be a free adoption, and they need to raise several thousand dollars. This widget is from their blog, and it's an easy way to contribute to them. So, what are you waiting for? :)


  1. Here's my part! Being a single I'm not adopting yet, but I'm sowing my seeds in hopes that one day I may be able to reap as well!


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