Friday, January 29, 2010

The logical conclusion: I am a WUSS

So, let's say Roe V Wade is overturned, and 3500 babies a day are no longer being aborted in the United States. And let's assume that a number of those babies, maybe even the majority, are still "unwanted pregnancies" and will end up being relinquished for adoption or put in foster care. What will the church do? What will I do?

I guess I have to look at what I'm doing now for an idea, since there are already thousands of kids in foster care, and orphanages, and I haven't helped even ONE.

Sheesh, does that word pack a punch or what?

So, this is on my heart, and, as always, I'll bleed on virtual paper until I figure out how I feel.

I tell you one thing, I feel like a wuss. I sit in my 4 bedroom house with my minivan that seats 8. I throw away food every day. We waste money, at McDonald's, at Starbucks, while there are babies starving to death. My children have so many shoes we keep them in laundry hampers. Sometimes it makes me a little sick.

And before you think we have some kind of advantage, let me clear this up: we are under the poverty level here in the US.

Is something missing here? What kind of Christians are we?

I'll put excerpts from some of the blog posts that are getting to me right now. Read my clips, if you want, but then go and read their whole articles. They say it so much better than I could.

Susan Tyrrell blogged recently on Bound4Life's blog Moral Outcry.
As we recently mourned a father in the Life and adoption movement, Derek Loux, I remembered starkly sitting in a seminar he taught that expanded my view of my fight to end abortion. He said that those who support abortion say things like “We aren’t ready, it’s not convenient, and we don’t have the money.” Then the church says, “Don’t kill your baby.” They respond, “Will you take him?” And the church says “We aren’t ready, it’s not convenient, and we don’t have the money.”
The church, Derek said, is not pro life, it’s anti abortion.

"There is a great headache coming to the church as it realizes it has to read the Bible right. That it's not about small groups or mission statements or being relevant to culture, but that James may really have been inspired by the Holy Spirit when he said that true religion was caring for orphans and widows." (
Randy Bohlender, Nov. 2009) (my note: Randy is a father of 7, 3 adopted girls and 4 bio boys)

From my friend Tracie's blog (Tracie and her husband John have adopted 3 toddlers in addition to their 3 bio children, and John's brother Derek and his wife have 2 biological kids and had adopted 8 children prior to Derek's death last month. They live it.)

There are needs in your own backyard as well as needs all across this nation and around the world. Take that “yes” in your heart and ask the Lord, “What next?” Whether His answer is “Ukraine” or “Ethiopia” or “Uganda” or “The Department of Children’s Services” or “An Infant Spared from an Abortion,” take that yes and run with it.

And from a blog called Storing Up Treasures, from a family with 4 bio and 6 adopted children

More now than ever before we need to come forward. We need to take action. We cannot stay silent and turn a blind eye. In the coming weeks, more and more Haitian orphans are going to need families. But, they aren't just in Haiti. They are in Russia, Africa, and right here in your city. They are all over the world. You can make room for one more. I am sure of it. If I can, you can too. This isn't about calling. This isn't about waiting until you have all of your ducks in a row. This is about taking action.

Love is an action word.

I feel it. Man, I hear it. We're in debt, and we're trying to rebuild our ministry from scratch. Those are formidable mountains, but look at this... we've got arms, and a roof, and food and beds. I bet if we told an orphan, "Hey, you'll have to share a room and wear hand-me-downs, and you might eat a lot of beans and rice, and we'll cut your hair with shears..." that they'd think that sounded pretty good.

Maybe you can't do it. You probably can. But okay, maybe you really can't. Then contribute to someone who can, or get involved in some other way.

My heart is stirred, and I'm going to find a way.


  1. the truth sets us free. Mama

  2. Wow. I'm speechless. But wanted to say, you're getting through. I read it. I'm thinking about it. What's my role? What's my responsibility?

  3. Thanks for sharing this. I've been stirred too, just looking for the way to make it happen.

  4. Before you start a homestudy, ask up front if your income will be a problem. (I say this because you say you are below the poverty line.) It could be an issue. It's best to know that before you start, rather than finding out half way through. But I hope it's not a problem. You're an awesome mom and could provide a great home to a kid! (Or two or three!)


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